Keep your finger on the pulse of the Manitoba business community.

MB PULSE is a subscription-based community insights and online polling platform which will strengthen our members’ collective voice. In launching this tool, our goal is to collect point-in-time trends data to support our efforts in influencing government policy and decision-making.

Through quick polls, short surveys, and questionnaires we’ll send by email, MB PULSE will check in regularly and confidentially with the province’s key drivers of the economy on emerging issues. MCC will work with our network of local chambers of commerce, businesses, and industry leaders to drive the community’s membership, develop question series that count, and provide an information-rich engagement platform.

As a MB PULSE community member, you’ll:

  • have regular opportunities to share your thoughts on a variety of emerging business issues from proposed legislation to forces affecting operations, such as HR and workforce matters, taxation, growth plans, marketing and export, and more;
  • engage with colleagues on topics that matter to business leaders;
  • benefit from access to information, data (in aggregate form only), and research themes so you can learn how others feel about relevant issues.

MB PULSE will enable MCC to delve into issues affecting the Manitoba business community, and to coordinate efforts across Canada with multiple provincial/territorial chambers using this same polling technology.

View past survey reports here.

“As Manitoba’s largest business advocacy organization, the MCC already connects with our members often, and this secure survey technology will help us do so with even greater frequency and agility. MB PULSE will enable us to measure sentiment, collect labour market information, and support our network’s advocacy efforts. By taking the temperature of our community, we can assess the impact of specific issues, shape meaningful action and policy, and create helpful research reports.”

Chuck Davidson

President & CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce