When you join your local chamber of commerce or board of trade, you become part of an influential network of almost 10,000 businesses, from all corners of the province. Membership in your local chamber gives your business a competitive edge by allowing you to develop new professional relationships, access information and tools to help grow your business, and ensure your views are heard by government.

Ensuring the Manitoba has a strong voice on issues of importance to the Manitoba business community is a top priority for the Chamber network.

The MCC focuses on provincial issues while local chambers tend to focus on local issues. However, Manitoba’s chamber movement works together by bringing together the entire provincial chamber network of almost 10,000 businesses – a key part of our strength. The fundamental difference is this: the MCC offers a pipeline of information and an audience for your business and issues that no other organization can match because it is the most diverse, bipartisan business association in the province.

While all chambers are different in focus, one common thread of successful chambers is that they continue to step up to the greatest challenges in our communities. The MCC recognizes the need to tackle issues that prevent business growth, including issues related to economic competitiveness, taxation and the fiscal framework, red tape, skills and workforce issues, international trade, transportation and infrastructure, and broadband access.

We’re fortunate in Manitoba to have numerous chamber of commerce groups actively working to benefit our business community. The MCC serves a provincial role and actively advocates for good public policy on a provincial & national level with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, while the local chambers each provide benefits at a more localized level.

Like the old saying – if you’ve seen one local chamber, you’ve seen one chamber. Each group works hard to provide value to their members in different ways. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Local Chamber Network shares a common belief that a strong business community is necessary to our continued success, and that our quality of life in Manitoba is driven by our businesses, recognizing that businesses need healthy communities and communities need vibrant businesses.