Small Business Week | Interesting Facts About SMEs in Canada

Oct 16, 2023 | Chamber News, Front Page

  1. There are over a million SMEs in Canada

There are approximately 1.23 million employer businesses in Canada. Of these, 1.2 million (97.9%) are small businesses.


  1. Most exporters are SMEs

Out of the 48,325 Canadian establishments that exported goods in 2020, the vast majority (97.5%) were SMEs. They produce 43% of the total value of Canadian exports.


  1. As of 2020, SMEs are responsible for 10 million jobs in Canada.

SMEs employ 88.3% of Canada’s working individuals in the private labour force.


  1. Over half of SMEs have fewer than four employees

More than half of Canadian businesses (55.3%) have fewer than four employees. They are known as “micro-enterprises.” 73.9% have fewer than 10 employees.


  1. Businesses owned equally by men and women have the highest survival rates

10 years after their creation, the survival rate for majority female-owned business lower compared to majority male-owned businesses (57.5% and 61.9% respectively). However, equally owned businesses have the highest rate at 68.6%.


  1. Most firms survive longer than five years

More than two-thirds (67.9%) of new businesses in Canada survive to see their fifth year of operations.


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