Safety Services Manitoba Sparks $100,000 Partnership with Jubilee Fund

May 30, 2023 | Corporate Member News

An innovative new partnership between Safety Services Manitoba and Jubilee Fund, will see $100,000 invested as a catalyst to drive additional investments in 2023. 

Safety Services Manitoba is Manitoba’s premier occupational and safe driving training and consulting services provider with over 50 years experience making workplaces and roads safer.  

A Manitoba Chambers of Commerce member since 2002, SSM delivers comprehensive training and education in the workplace or behind the wheel and works to reduce risks and injuries to help ensure that each and every Manitoban arrives home safely every night. 

Safety Services Manitoba’s focus on the safety and well-being of Manitobans motivated them to partner with Jubilee Fund with the intent of inspiring other Manitoba organizations to step forward with their own investments. 

“At Safety Services Manitoba we value socially responsible ethical investing and local community engagement” said Ken Dufault, Chair, Safety Services Manitoba. “Jubilee Fund represents a unique opportunity to combine these values for our organization.  We are pleased to partner with the Fund and work with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to promote this matching challenge to other Manitoba businesses.  Jubilee Fund is an impactful way to leverage part of your corporate investments into local community development and sustainability.” 

Jubilee Fund is Manitoba’s only charitable impact investment fund to offer financial help for local non-profits and social enterprises working to reduce the impact of poverty. By leveraging impact investments like SSM’s as a social finance fund Jubilee Fund assists projects including affordable housing, transitional housing, food security, employment equity, mental and physical well-being, affordable day care and more.  

“The impact that Safety Services Manitoba’s investment will have is enormous,” said Monica Sigurdson, Jubilee Fund’s Fund Development Manager. “By working with Safety Services Manitoba to make this a matching investment means we will see as much as $200,000 from community minded organizations utilized to improve the lives of Manitobans.” 

To learn more about how to make a matching investment, contact Monica Sigurdson, Fund Development Manager at [email protected], w. 204-589-5001 ext. 2. Visit 

MEDIA INQUIRIES: for Jubilee Fund contact Monica Sigurdson at [email protected], w. 204-589-5001 ext. 2. For Safety Services Manitoba contact Anita Zubricki at [email protected] or 204-612-9924.  

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