Nestaweya River Trail Presented by The Winnipeg Foundation Reaches Its Full Length, “Officially” Opens Monday, January 24 With Smudge By Dr. Niigaan Sinclair

Jan 24, 2022 | Corporate Member News

The Forks, Winnipeg – As The Forks Historic Port portion of the city’s most beloved winter amenity opens today, it does so with a name that connects it to its history.

“Nestaweya (Ness-ta-way-ah) is the original Cree name used for the site of The Forks, and the area we now call Winnipeg,” says Dr. Niigaan Sinclair, Indigenous Curator, The Forks. “Nestaweya literally means ‘three points,’ used here to mean that people came together to this site from three directions on the rivers: Cree came from the north on the Red River; Ojibway from the south on the Red River; and, Lakota/Dakota/Nakota or Assiniboine came from the west on the Assiniboine River. Three points is a name that tells how communities forged a life here for millennia.”

It’s a name that resonates with The Forks on so many levels.

“Manitobans come from all directions to The Forks, just as they’ve been doing for over 6,000 years,” says Sara Stasiuk, Chief Executive Officer, The Forks North Portage. “Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation honours the past of this meeting place as we skate into the future.”

The Forks is grateful for the ongoing support of Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation. After successfully celebrating 100 years of The Winnipeg Foundation on the trail last year, the organization has committed to another five years of sponsorship.

“The Nestaweya River Trail provides for fun and safe outdoor recreational activities, for free for all,” says Sky Bridges, CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation. “The Winnipeg Foundation is thrilled to extend our support for the River Trail for an additional five years. Thanks to generous donors, The Foundation can ensure continued access to this important community amenity and uphold our mission of strengthening community wellbeing. The newly named Nestaweya River Trail honours the Indigenous communities who have come together where rivers meet for thousands of years. We look forward to 2022 where we will share new exciting activities for this historic trail.”

Sections of Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation will continue to open on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers as nature allows. The Forks only tests ice on the official Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation; other areas of ice are not tested by The Forks team. Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation updates can always be found at



About Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation
Nestaweya River Trail presented by The Winnipeg Foundation is one of Canada’s longest skating trails, typically ranging between 7km-10km on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. The Nestaweya River Trail encourages Manitobans to get outside safely to enjoy the best season in Winnipeg, winter. This year you will be able to walk, bike, skate, and cross country ski along the city’s beautiful rivers.

About The Winnipeg Foundation
The Winnipeg Foundation is For Good. Forever. We help people give back to our shared community by connecting generous donors with Causes they care about For Good. We’re an endowment-based public foundation, so gifts are pooled and invested, and the annual earnings are distributed back to the community Forever. Formed in 1921, we are proud to be the first community foundation in Canada.

For more information please contact:

Clare MacKay

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

The Forks

204-987-4360 | 204-291-9151

[email protected]

LuAnn Lovlin, CFRE

Director of Communications & Marketing

The Winnipeg Foundation

C: 204.781.9336

[email protected]


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