MEDIA RELEASE: Businesses and Communities North of the 53rd Go All-In on Snowmobile Tourism

Nov 29, 2021 | Corporate Member News

Date: November 23, 2021

Businesses and Communities North of the 53rd Go All-In on Snowmobile Tourism

SledMB53 is pleased to announce the launch of their online Business and Community Sled Friendly Training and Certification programs. A launch event will take place at the Snow Lake Motor Inn in Snow Lake, MB, at 12:00 noon, on November 24, 2021.

As part of SledMB53’s efforts to develop and promote snowmobile tourism in Northern Manitoba, these two online certification programs are designed to help Northern Manitoba communities and business attract riders, be positioned to fully service their needs, and provide a safe snowmobiling environment.

Both the Community and Business Certification programs help participants understand this unique audience, why they ride, and what they may want, need or desire when they head out for a day-trip, or book a multiday snowmobile vacation.

In order to get certified, communities and businesses are required to comply with specific criteria so they can effectively serve these visitors. These requirements may include things like providing:
• ample parking for vehicles and/or snow machines,
• snowmobile access to services like food, fuel, or to trailheads,
• restroom access, wifi access etc.
The benefits of being a Certified Sled Friendly Business or Community include:
• recognition on the SledMB53 website and social media channels,
• a Sled Friendly Certified decal to display on location, and
• more visitors to their area or business.

“We’ve seen similar initiatives in other provinces and countries but this is a unique program for Manitoba,” commented Al McLauchlan, Project Manager for SledMB53. “These past few years we’ve focussed on trail development and shelter improvements. The development and delivery of this new training and certification is another step to ready our communities and businesses to attract and serve snowmobile tourists,” continued McLauchlan.

SledMB53 is a project managed by Community Futures North Central Development, Community Futures Greenstone, Community Futures Cedar Lake and the Communities Economic Development Fund/Look North and is supported by Travel Manitoba, the organized snowmobile clubs in Northern Manitoba, and several others partners and stakeholders.

The training and certifications is FREE through the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) to communities and businesses North of the 53rd parallel. Registration and online training can be accessed from the SledMB53 website at: or the MTEC website at:


For More Information:
Al McLauchlan, Project Manager SledMB53
Phone: 204-620-0951
Email: [email protected] Web:

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