Manitoba Small Business Virtual Celebration

Oct 6, 2021 | Corporate Member News


Small Business Week in Manitoba is October 17th to 23rd.  Small businesses are the back bone of rural economies and deserve to be celebrated!  The various Community Futures organizations within Manitoba invite small business owners and operators to attend the Manitoba Small Business Virtual Celebration on Tuesday, October 19th from 7:00-8:30pm on ZOOM.

What’s to celebrate you ask?  The resiliency Manitoba’s small businesses have shown throughout the pandemic! Amidst all the changes and challenges, the businesses in rural communities found ways to continually ensure that Manitobans had the products and services they required. Business owners and employees have had to adapt by learning and implementing new business strategies. The pandemic has challenged businesses to see things differently and to respond quickly to change. While we don’t know exactly what the futures holds, the one thing that we can expect is continued change because nothing ever stays the same.  Businesses that can understand and react to change will be the most successful.

What is taking place during the virtual event? The virtual event features multiple Emmy Award winning Executive Producer and Certified Speaking Professional Bill Stainton who will introduce tools and techniques to think and react creatively – on demand.  Bill will show you how to come up with ideas, solutions and innovations that the competition will never see coming. Following the presentation, breakout rooms will be set up to connect with other businesses from around the province to reflect on the keynote messages and to discuss timely and relevant business topics.  Many door prizes will be drawn throughout the event.  There is no cost to attend, simply register online at and the ZOOM link will be sent to your email.

Who can attend this virtual celebration? If you own or operate a small business in rural Manitoba then grab a refreshment and join us online to celebrate achievements and inspire you to face whatever comes next. This virtual celebration is Community Futures way of thanking businesses in Manitoba for all their hard work and what they provide to our communities; each and every day.

ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE DIRECTED TO SHARALYN REITLO – 204-345-2514 or [email protected]

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