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Sep 28, 2020 | Business News and Tips, Corporate Member News

Safety is an integral part of EVERY job, but just as different construction projects require different trades and building materials, different workplaces require specific safety practices, procedures, and equipment to control their site-specific hazards.

After 30 years of serving Manitobans in industrial, commercial, and institutional construction, the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) works to adapt and innovate safety to best fit YOUR business, so you can work toward a safer workplace in a way that best suits your company.

“Our focus is on our clients,” says CSAM Executive Director Sean Scott. “Whatever you need in terms of workplace safety, we are here to help you — that’s who we are and what we do.”

Established in 1989 by the Winnipeg Construction Association (WCA), CSAM is a non-profit organization run by and for the building construction industry in Manitoba, with governance provided by the WCA’s Board of Directors and the CSAM Advisory Committee.

CSAM has earned the reputation as a leader in the safety landscape of Manitoba, as well as within the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations. This reputation has been fueled by the association’s focus on providing exceptional customer service, quality, and value for its clients.

“We stand by our slogan: practical solutions for a safer workplace,” Scott says. “We’re here to make safety work for you.”

CSAM’s objectives:

  • To provide information regarding accident prevention methods and changes to health and safety regulations.
  • To develop information, resources, tools, and training programs to enable contractors to meet their legislated responsibilities.
  • To provide guidance with respect to establishing comprehensive safety programs tailored to meet the needs of individual companies both large and small.
  • To act as the Authority Having Jurisdiction to grant COR™ Certification and SECOR™ Certification.

Whatever you need to stay safe at work, we can help. From education to practical resources, CSAM has you covered in terms of workplace safety. The association is dedicated to providing information, resources, tools, and training to prevent workplace incidents and help contractors meet their legislated responsibilities. CSAM also provides guidance with respect to establishing comprehensive safety programs, tailored to meet the needs of individual companies, both large and small.

CSAM’s latest information and tools include online COVID-19 Resources for the construction industry to help you navigate the pandemic.

“We’re continuing to compile and develop new resources to help clients work safely amid the pandemic,” says CSAM Director of Operations Derek Pott. “For example, we’ve created COVID-19 construction site signs and introduced live virtual online training so clients can complete safety training from their own home or office.”

CSAM is here to help you meet your legislated responsibilities and to provide resources, tools, and training to reduce the number of workplace incidents in Manitoba. But CSAM can also help you build a stronger safety culture to make your employees feel safe and valued. You can take your company to the nationally verified standard of safety with COR™ Certification, of which we are the Authority Having Jurisdiction to grant.

“When you place importance on safety in the workplace, employees feel valued,” Scott says. “A commitment to safety shows that you are also committed to your workers and truly care about their well-being.”

An effective safety and health management system will save you time and money by improving efficiency while creating a more positive culture within your company. Achieving COR™ Certification also qualifies companies for a 15 per cent rebate on WCB assessments. And with CSAM, it’s a straightforward process.

“We offer consulting services as part of our portfolio,” explains Scott, “so we can come right to your jobsite to help you assess hazards or better develop safety policies. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.”

Learn more about the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba at, or call us at 204-775-3171 in Winnipeg or 204-728-3456 in Brandon if you have questions.


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