Never too long in Saint John?!

Sep 25, 2019 | Other News

Here we are…Manitoba Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Chuck Davidson; Karen Viveiros, Director of Communications & Policy, and Kyle Romaniuk, Principal, Vantage Studios and Manitoba’s Canadian Chamber of Commerce rep — now on Day 6 (7 for Chuck) in Saint John, New Brunswick, following the close of the Canadian Chamber Conference and Annual General Meeting.

We had to extend our stay unexpectedly following a day of flight cancellations on Tuesday caused by pea-soupy fog that hid the cruise ship in the bay in plain view, and caused multiple planes to return from where they came following defeated attempts to land at YSJ. (Except for the 5:15 AM flight that webt out – kudos to our Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce colleagues for committing to a brutally early departure).

We’ve taken taxis and shuttles, and more taxis. We had to find and check in to a different hotel last night because those at the conference site were fully booked with a fresh set of delegates. And we have been unable to locate a single rental car in the entire city to travel to any far-flung sites of note. We’ve gotten work done in fits and starts, eaten a lot, sweated it out in the hotel gym, roamed the streets, and as of today, pretty much run out of clean underwear.

Now we’re bound for Fredericton by taxi for a 7 PM flight so we don’t need to wait until tomorrow as per our original AC reschedule. BONUS: we can remove a couple more restaurant meals from the itinerary– especially since a mouse was ripping around the dining room after we finished our dinner last night at a local lounge/restaurant.

This is funny, and yes, we have had fun. We miss our kids and our partners, and this morning, we’re missing the Manitoba Chambers’ first MBiz breakfast event of the 2019/2020 season (regrets to MCCs Carolynne Jansen, Director of Business Development, who had to assume MC duties at the last minute), and that’s disappointing too.

But the bottom line: that’s travel. You have to make the best of the situation you’re in. There is very little purpose nor value to frustration that won’t generate any different action.

With a great convention behind us, new friendships forged, successful policy resolution setting, and a lot of laughs, wish us luck that AC 8989 to Toronto takes off on time this evening so we can roll in the door at 1 AM Winnipeg time.

See you soon?

Check out some travel pics here.





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