Creating a more competitive business climate in Manitoba is one of the key outcomes of a survey of close to 500 business leaders from across the province provided to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC).

The results of the 2018 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey, done in partnership with Manitoba Building Trades and CPHR Manitoba, mirrors the slow and steady approach of government, with a majority of respondents (71%) feeling the province is moving in the right direction, yet there is a lack of confidence towards significant growth to their businesses.

“Some of the results should give business and government cause for concern,” said Chuck Davidson, president & CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “Businesses are historically optimistic about their growth, yet only 27% of respondents expect to increase their workforce in 2019. The cool forecast for growth points to the challenges highlighted in the survey including the rising cost of doing business and the difficulty in finding skilled workers.”

As the provincial government hits the midway point in its mandate, only 54% of respondents agree that Manitoba’s business climate is competitive with other provinces. Business leaders cited reducing red tape (23%), reducing business/payroll taxes (22%), and lowering taxes for consumers (15%) as suggestions to improve Manitoba’s competitiveness.

“The survey results show significant support for a full provincial review of taxes (85%),” added Davidson. “We (MCC) have made this suggestion to government on numerous occasions, so to have this overwhelming majority in support of that call will strengthen our resolve.”

To read the complete 2018 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey, click here.