Earlier this month, the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Chambers of Commerce made their way to North Dakota to meet with colleagues from the Greater North Dakota, Minot, Bismark-Mandan, and Grand Forks chambers to discuss the importance of the trading relationship btween our jurisdictions, along with the impact the current trade dispute is having on our members and businesses.

The importance of trade between Manitoba and North Dakota results in nearly $1 billion in imports and close to $500 million in exports. During the meetings, the executives of the chambers reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the trade relationship between our valued partners. The current level of discourse has impacted all involved and created uncertainty for businesses on both sides of the border.

Chamber executives and staff from North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba gather in Bismarck to talk Trump, Trudeau and trade.

Manitoba Chamber president Chuck Davidson discuss trade and tourism with Grand Forks Chamber president following meetings in Bismarck.

MCC’s president talks with CTV, who travelled to Bismarck, following dinner meeting with North Dakota chamber partners.

Saskatchewan Chamber president Steve McLellan adds his thoughts on chamber meetings.

With the upcoming November mid-term elections in the U.S., there is a feeling a new NAFTA will be paused until early 2019. This group, along with our national chambers will continue to make a case for trade advocate to our leaders about the importance of trade and resolving the issue with more urgency.

In the wake of these meetings, the chamber executives signed a joint statement committing to work together to encourage our leaders, lawmakers, and legislators to ensure the current trade issues are resolved.