NDP Leader Uses Leaders Series Breakfast to Announce Plan to Delay Carbon Bill

Apr 5, 2018 | Chamber News

Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew told a Manitoba Chambers of Commerce breakfast audience that his party will use the legislative process to delay the government’s Made-in-Manitoba carbon plan bill. Kinew told the business crowd who gathered for the second of the 2018 Leaders Series Breakfast presented by Deloitte that decision will allow for further discussion and assessment of how the tax would impact business and industry. He also hopes to use the delay to make a larger case to the government to change their direction and recycle the revenue into green initiatives and not into general revenues.

The NDP leader also spent the breakfast talking about his background, the role his parents have had on him, and the importance of people who have taken time to mentor him. He spoke of the motto often spoken to him by the co-founder of Blackberry, Jim Balsillie. “Play for emergence” is something that has stuck with Kinew and helped shape his view of the opportunities that can be possible. Kinew also touched on his view of the importance of balancing the provincial budget but stated it’s how you do it that is important. He spoke about creating a job growth plan as a central theme and engaging with those who may not see policy the same as Kinew, telling the audience that he respects the experience those who might disagree with him and needs to hear their voice.

NDP leader Wab Kinew and MCC President Chuck Davidson share initial greetings ahead of 2018 Leaders Series Breakfast.

The business audience hears about the importance of relationship building as we deal with leaders from all political sides.

Wab Kinew shares with the crowd the importance of his parents and mentors on his life and how that impacts his vision for Manitoba.

Those in attendance heard from Kinew’s thoughts on economic development, the environment, and his first two years in politics.

Aside from policy, Kinew spent some time walking the audience through his thought process of moving into public service and now leading the official opposition. He told those gathered that while his decision was not met with wild excitement, given the expected fortunes of the party heading into the 2016 election, he felt the time was right to add his voice to help Manitoba.

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