Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Presents Harry Mardon Awards to Two Exceptional Board Members

Apr 26, 2024 | Chamber News, Front Page

The Harry Mardon award is an award to celebrate the extraordinary quality of people that the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has attracted to its Board of Directors. The award is named after one of the most dedicated and committed Board members of MCC – Harry Mardon.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce – established in 1931 – owes its longevity and vitality to an extraordinary array of dedicated individuals, but one name stands apart in this rich and varied history: Harry Mardon. If it were not for Harry, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce may not exist today. Under his leadership the MCC began to thrive and became what it is today: Manitoba’s largest business association and the Voice of Business in our province.

Established in 2003, the Harry Mardon Award, celebrates the extraordinary individuals that serve the MCC and the Manitoba business community as a member of the MCC’s Board of Directors just as the award’s namesake did before his passing in 2004. MCC had not presented this Award since before the Pandemic in 2019 and we believe it was the time to bring it back.

This year the chamber was excited to present the Harry Mardon award to two of its exceptional board members.

Paul Holden, for his outstanding contribution to the chamber since 2015. Paul has served on the Board in various capacities and has the rare honor of twice being the Chair of MCC in 2018 and 2019 ending during the pandemic. His rich experience has helped MCC in making many strategic decisions. Never shy of expressing what is best for the Business Community, Paul continues to be that voice at the Board.

Kevin Ploegman, for his dedication to keep the chamber on solid financial footing. Kevin joined the Board of Directors in 2014 and as the treasurer of MCC from 2016-2023, Kevin has been involved in several key initiatives such as the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund, Manitoba Advocacy Research & Development Fund (MARD) and the COVID Recovery Relief Fund. Keeping the chamber’s financial wellbeing at the forefront, he helped steer the chamber through the most uncertain times of the pandemic.


Harry Mardon Award recipients are selected by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce’s President & CEO and Nominating Committee and presented annually1 at the Annual General Meeting.


2003 Larry McIntosh
2004 Jim Forestall
2005 Brian Kelly
2006 H.M. Peggy Davies
2007 David G. Newman
2008 Jack Wilson
2009 Tom Dooley
2010 Susan Eyolfson
2011 Julie Maynard
2012 Tracy Epp
2013 Frank Sottana
2014 Carol Paradine
2015 Todd Andres
2016 Kenneth Thomas
2017 Merv Gunter
2018 Kyle Romaniuk
2019 Judy Murphy
2024 Paul Holden / Kevin Ploegman

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