Minister Vandal Discusses Federal Budget Impacts on Manitoba at Special Luncheon

Apr 14, 2024 | Events, Front Page

On Monday, April 22, the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, and Minister Responsible for PrairiesCan and CanNor, spoke at The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Special Luncheon on the 2024 federal budget. The Minister highlighted the impacts of the latest spending plans for Manitoba in front of key Manitoban leaders as well as the Honorable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of International Development for Canada. The Minister noted several pieces of the budget that had a strong impact for Manitoba: 


Housing Initiatives to Spur Development 

Minister Vandal noted that the federal budget included several proposals that will be helpful for Manitoba growth including the Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund and the Modular Housing Initiative. The Minister believes these proposals will help create more housing in Manitoba and help businesses in the industry get more houses built quickly. 

Emphasis on Northern Development and Security 

The Minister underscored the allocation of $9 billion for Arctic security, a crucial aspect as the Port of Churchill evolves into a more active trading port. Additionally, funding for the electric vehicle supply chain opens up opportunities for further critical mineral development in Manitoba’s north. 

Funding for Productivity Enhancements 

PrairiesCan, the federal department under Minister Vandal’s purview, has received funding to stimulate innovations in artificial intelligence (AI). This investment is expected to facilitate AI adoption and development by Manitoba businesses, leading to productivity improvements. 

Minister Vandal Predicts Jets Hockey Success 

Lastly, Minister Vandal provided his opinion on a hot topic, predicting that the Winnipeg Jets would win their first-round best-of-seven playoff series against Colorado in six games. Unfortunately, this is no longer a possible outcome, perhaps a complete series turnaround is on the horizon. 

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce remains dedicated to amplifying Manitoba’s voice within the federal government. This luncheon with Minister Vandal provided another platform for meaningful dialogue on issues critical to Manitobans and Manitoba businesses. 

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