Manitoba Business Updates: March 2024

Mar 18, 2024 | Business News and Tips, Front Page, Policy

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2024, we’ve compiled a concise overview of the latest developments affecting businesses in Manitoba:


  • Manitoba Minimum Wage Increase – last week, an unrelated media conference, Premier Wab Kinew confirmed his government plans to sticking to increase the minimum wage by 50-cents Oct. 1.
  • Regulatory Accountability Act – The Manitoba government is repealing the Regulatory Accountability Act, which when enacted in 2017 was presented as a structured approach to oversee regulatory demands. It additionally required both the government and Crown corporations to monitor and disclose the quantity of regulations in place, with a provision to eliminate an existing regulation for each new requirement introduced.
  • Anti-Replacement Worker Legislation – Bill C-58 raises serious concern for Canadian businesses and millions of workers that rely on the vital services provided by federally regulated companies. These companies keep our communities connected, our economy open for business and ensure Canadians have reliable access to essential goods. The move to ban replacement workers could have serious consequences for our economy. While we respect the right to collective bargaining, the anti-replacement worker legislation threatens to disrupt our supply chains and critical services.








Updates compiled March 18, 2024

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