The Work in Manitoba job portal: Where job seekers and employers meet

Jan 18, 2024 | Corporate Member News, Front Page

Competition for highly skilled talent is tight, and many Manitoba employers say there is a shortage of qualified, skilled workers in Manitoba. These businesses require a solution to help them attract and connect with candidates for the future of their business.

For two local Winnipeg businesses, the answer was clear: the Work in Manitoba job portal, a Manitoba government-funded platform powered by Magnet’s state-of-the-art technology, has been serving Manitoba employers across all sectors, offering a cost-free avenue to attract potential employees, locally and internationally. It doesn’t cost employers to register or post their jobs, nor are there any fees for candidates to review or apply for jobs through the portal.

Priscila Voloshyn of Big Freight Systems, Inc. — a leading employer in Manitoba’s transport sector — has used professional recruitment since 2022 in her role as Senior Corporate Recruiter at Big Freight. She recently turned to the job portal for help finding candidates who could fill crucial vacancies in their companies and found success.

“The Work in Manitoba job portal was a game-changer for meeting our skilled labour needs efficiently,” said Voloshyn. “The portal has been essential to our recruitment success.”

Alan Tay, co-founder and CEO of Illumia Labs (formerly Delphi Technology Corp) — one of Winnipeg’s newest Information & Communication Technologies companies — was particularly pleased with the quality of the two international employees who applied for company positions through the portal, and now work and live in Winnipeg.

“The candidates who applied for our jobs were qualified and the Work in Manitoba job portal is intuitive and easy to use,” said Tay. “Our experiences with the portal have been very good.”

These two Winnipeg companies are representative of just two sectors within Manitoba, although many sectors rely on the job portal to help them fill positions.

The portal has job seekers from a variety of industries, the most significant being administration, business operations and human resources. Other industries with increasing interest include sales, retail, customer service and support; manufacturing and warehousing; and transportation, courier and shipping services.

“A variety of employers have shared with us they’ve successfully filled positions using Work in Manitoba. There is a vast pool of local, Canadian and international talented candidates within – over 39,000 job seeker profiles live in the portal,” says Yvonne Kinley, Director of Talent & Workforce Development at Economic Development Winnipeg. “Our recruitment missions combined with marketing Winnipeg’s quality of life and the job portal, have proven to be a powerful combination for local businesses seeking talent.”

Find out why over 1,200 Manitoba employers have already added this powerful tool to their recruitment strategy. Create your profile today:

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