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Dec 11, 2023 | Corporate Member News, Front Page

Revolutionizing Business Success Through Employee Well-being

In today’s dynamic business landscape, achieving success through employee well-being is crucial yet challenging. The pandemic led to shifting work paradigms like remote and hybrid models and growing mental health concerns have underscored the need for greater employee autonomy, happiness, and fulfillment. The critical question for many businesses is crafting a strategy that universally benefits all employees, going beyond the limits of traditional wellness programs. Marking a significant milestone in the field of organizational health, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc (IWS), a Manitoba-based company with a rich 26-year history of global service, unveils the world’s first comprehensive well-being curriculum, specifically designed to tackle the modern challenges of workplace well-being.

A Comprehensive Roadmap for Workplace Transformation

The innovative Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ redefines workplace well-being, going beyond traditional wellness activities to embed well-being into every facet of organizational culture. This curriculum isn’t just an addition, it’s a transformational tool for an inclusive culture of well-being to attaining psychological safety, improved mental health and high performance.


Key Features of the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum:

  • Strategic Integration: Integration of well-being competencies into corporate policies, training, and job roles.
  • Behavioral Transformation: Creating mindset shifts and behaviour changes for lasting organizational growth.
  • Agility and Relevance: It can be tailored to diverse organizational needs, supporting ESG and CSR objectives.
  • Monthly Competency Focus: It promotes teaching and implements one well-being competency per month, aligned with key KPIs.
  • Comprehensive Support Tools: It supports wellness strategies such as challenges, micro-courses, assessments, workshops, webinars, coaching, and audits.
  • KPI Alignment: Aligning well-being initiatives with key performance indicators.


Strategic Well-being Blueprint for Today’s Workforce

At a time when labor unrest and employee dissatisfaction are at the forefront, promoting employee happiness and fulfillment in their work has become more than an aspiration, it’s a necessity. Grounded in nine dimensions and twelve competencies of well-being, the curriculum offers a structured, effective approach to enhancing employee current well-being needs but also equips them with the skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving work environment.


Dynamic Well-being Strategies for Modern Organizations

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum marks a significant evolution in workplace culture, a shift from traditional wellness activities to holistic well-being. Unlike conventional programs that introduce wellness activities into the organization, this curriculum seamlessly integrates well-being competencies into the organization’s very fabric.

Empowering Employees and Organizations Alike

“Our curriculum embeds well-being into the workplace DNA, developing essential human skills for a psychologically safe, respectful, and high-performing environment”, says Joyce Odidison, President and Founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. The curriculum transcends mere activities, fostering a mindset shift and behavioral change for lasting organizational transformation.

Agility in Corporate Well-being Design

Agility is at the core of the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum, evident in its versatile application across various organizational needs. Integrating well-being into corporate goals and strategic objectives is essential for meeting Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) standards and enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), responding to a wide array of workplace challenges. These frameworks guide companies in operating responsibly and sustainably, emphasizing ethical practices, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.


Recognizing and Responding to Emerging and Evolving Organizational Needs

New areas of focus for the curriculum in 2024 include:

  • Integration with Existing Programs: Seamlessly blending well-being competencies into current organizational courses and training.
  • Train the Trainer Certification: Launching in February 2024, this program empowers internal leaders to champion well-being within their organizations.

Monthly Focus: Building Well-being Competencies

Organizations working with the curriculum value that it emphasizes teachings on only one competency per month. This approach ensures a continuous yet manageable progression in well-being education, to avoid overwhelm. Organizations can tap into competency-building strategies that align with certain KPIs each month. These monthly competency teachings offer a blend of learning, skill-building, and wellness activities tailored to meet organizational goals. True well-being at work encompasses a broader experience than wellness activities; it motivates employees to engage fully in their work, equipped with the resilience and enthusiasm necessary for peak performance.

When surveyed, employees described well-being at work as: “An experience that includes feeling psychologically safe, respected and appreciated. A sense of belonging with responsibilities that are fulfilling and rewarding, in a work environment where integrity, good communication, collaboration, interdependence, innovation and great leadership prevails.


Adapting the Well-being Curriculum Across Industries

Initially designed for workplace environments, the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ has proven its versatility with a universal application that transcends various disciplines and industries. This adaptability allows for groundbreaking transformations in diverse settings and the ways in which organizations and institutions can implement it. Some of these include:

  • Visual Roadmap for Easy Implementation: An intuitive, well-being intelligence visual roadmap simplifies execution.
  • Activity and KPI Alignment Framework: A structured approach to align various well-being activities with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Comprehensive Curriculum of Well-being Competencies: In-depth teachings on well-being competencies cover various aspects of employee wellness.
  • Inclusive Wellness Assessments: A thorough wellness assessment to understand and address the specific needs of each organization.
  • Micro-Learning Digital Courses: Targeted digital courses facilitate the development of a well-being-centric organizational culture.
  • Training Resources and Consultation: A range of training materials and resources to support the adoption and implementation of the curriculum.


Join the Well-being Revolution

Learn more about the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ and its transformative impact. Visit Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. or contact [email protected]

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