Meet Our New Policy Analyst: Nick Gamble

Oct 30, 2023 | Chamber News, Front Page, Policy

Nick, a native of Winnipeg, is a Professional Engineer and holds an MBA from the Asper School of Business. In his career he’s been fortunate to contribute to lean manufacturing initiatives at Boeing and has launched new products with local companies MacDon Industries and First Light Safety Products.

A true Manitoban at heart, Nick is deeply committed to advancing local economic growth through innovation, leadership, and sustainable practices. Nick is joining the team on an Interchange term from Prairies Economic Development Canada, where he invested in high-growth businesses and organizations that bolster Manitoba’s innovation landscape.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nick finds joy in the great outdoors. Canoeing, hiking, and camping are his escapes into nature. But it’s not all seriousness with Nick – he’s also a connoisseur of dad jokes, frequently getting eye-rolls from his wife, family, and friends.


5 Questions to Get to Know Nick


  1. What’s your favorite local Manitoba brand /restaurant/company?
    1. I have to highlight the company that I started at after getting my engineering degree; MacDon Industries. They are an awesome success story of a local innovative company that exports product all across the world but designs and builds right in Manitoba.
    2. Also, one of our neighborhood pizza places, Aladin’s pizzeria, does an amazing Tandoori Chicken pizza that is my current favorite!
  2. What MCC event are you most excited for?
    1. While I won’t be there, the upcoming Storm the Hill event will be an impactful opportunity to share with our Federal government in Ottawa all the amazing successes of Manitoba and its bright future ahead.
  3. What’s one community in Manitoba that you’ve never been to but are hoping to traveling to with the chambers?
    1. I’ve had the fortune of covering most of the province, but haven’t made it up to Churchill yet. I’d love to get there at some point to better understand the opportunity that is presented by the Port of Churchill and take in the beauty.
  4. What’s a book or movie that you think absolutely everyone should read or watch and why?
    1. While this might not necessarily be fun, The Truth about Negotiations is a quick read and impactful to learn how to get to
  5. What’s a fun fact or hidden talent you’d like to share with us?
    1. I’ve done week-long camping and hiking trips along both coasts of Canada where I saw lots of amazing wildlife and nearly ran into a cougar on a suspension bridge!

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