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Sep 18, 2023 | Corporate Member News, Front Page

Join an international recruitment mission to Paris and Rabat! 

The Talent & Workforce Development team at Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW) is preparing for an in-person international recruitment mission to Paris, France and Rabat, Morocco, November 18-22, 2023. If you’re seeking candidates for tough-to-fill roles, consider joining the delegation of local employers. 

International recruitment is a proven strategy, and the team can help with all the steps and processes. From attracting candidates to logistical planning, and from scheduling interviews to connecting employers with immigration guidance, EDW delivers concierge service and expert support. 

Mission delegates will have advance opportunities to screen applicants through the Work in Manitoba job portal, the online platform EDW uses to collect candidate profiles. The EDW team supports with screening according to desired skills, education, various certifications and qualifications, then schedules in-person interview events.  

“I’ve been recruiting internationally since 2006 and have taken part in many recruitment events. One reason why we chose to join EDW on their mission is the support from their team. Going with EDW eliminated all the logistics work for us,” said Priscila Voloshyn, recruitment specialist with Big Freight. 

Here are five reasons to consider participating in this upcoming international recruitment mission: 

1. Connect and match with highly educated European nationals who have the skills you need to grow your business. Bonus: They’re bilingual, which can help unlock the Francophone Mobility immigration stream for shorter arrival timeframes. 

2. Access one-on-one advice and recommendations from qualified provincial and federal immigration representatives.    

3. Benefit from our experienced team’s concierge service which removes much of the coordination, planning and worry.   

4. EDW acts as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Winnipeg ambassador, selling our city as a great place to live and work.   

5. Network with like-minded Manitoba employers.    

“If your organization is part of one of Manitoba’s in-demand sectors, such as transportation and distribution, information communications and technology, financial services, advanced manufacturing or hospitality, this mission is ideal for you,” said Annie Henry, EDW Senior Manager, Talent & Workforce Development. “We are targeting candidate pools with the skills that your sectors are seeking, so we can help strengthen your company’s workforce and increase workplace diversity.”  

EDW has organized and led talent missions to locations around the world, creating a positive experience for participants and generating very successful outcomes. 

“People can think international recruitment is different or that it’s too far away, but they don’t know the process and they shouldn’t worry. Once they learn they’ll see it’s way easier than they think. It’s good for the economy and company diversity. This mission was a new experience for our company and the partnership with Economic Development Winnipeg made it great,” stated Voloshyn. 

To learn more about this international recruitment mission, visit EDW’s Talent Hub website to access a recorded orientation session. Or connect with Annie Henry at [email protected] 

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