PCs Plan to Fill 100,000 Jobs

Sep 14, 2023 | 2023 Election News

Targeted investments in skills training, recruitment to tackle labour gaps in key economic sectors: Klein

OAK BLUFF — To address Manitoba’s labour shortages and put the province on the path to filling 100,000 jobs over the next five years, a re-elected PC government will kick-start a new skills training and recruitment fund with a $16-million initial investment targeted to support the most in-demand industries, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, announced today.

“We want Manitobans to take every advantage in training for the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Klein. “Our approach to addressing labour shortages across key sectors of our economy is going to be strategic so that we have the greatest impact on everyday Manitobans. We’re going to remove barriers to get more Manitobans into good jobs sooner to meet the needs of our growing province.”

Manitoba’s Labour Market Outlook forecasts 114,300 job openings over the next five years due to economic growth and a retiring workforce. Transportation and warehousing (5,700 jobs), construction (8,400 jobs), manufacturing (7,900 jobs), and wholesale and retail trade (15,400 jobs) are among the industries that will see the highest number of openings.

The PCs will work with industry, sector councils, and post-secondary institutions to develop initiatives under the fund, including microcredentials, new training seats, expanding youth apprenticeships, and on-the-job training, as well as leverage matching private-sector investments to ensure a skilled, educated workforce, Klein said.

New initiatives will continue to advance the Opportunities for Economic Growth Action Plan, which includes the Manitoba Careers for Internationally Educated Professionals certification program, developing high-school apprenticeship and early childhood education (ECE) programs, and supporting Manitobans on Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) to enter the labour market. More than half of the plan’s 50 actions have already been implemented, Klein noted.

“We have jobs to fill in every corner of our province, and only Progressive Conservatives have a solution to address the biggest and most critical labour gaps facing Manitoba industries,” said Klein. “Wab Kinew’s NDP have no idea how to meet our province’s labour needs, create jobs, or grow the economy.”

The PCs also committed today to new investments to improve fuel efficiency in the transportation sector, with a $15-million fund to equip semi-trailers with aerodynamic retrofits. Around 31% of the province’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the transportation sector.

Titi Tijani, PC candidate for Transcona, who has a background in the transportation sector, said that improving fuel economy will benefit both the environment and consumers by helping industry to lower their emissions while lowering their cost of doing business.

“Ninety-per-cent of goods in Manitoba have been on a truck at some point between production and consumer. These two initiatives combined will help alleviate some of the upward pressure on prices,” Tijani said. “When you can create savings for companies involved in shipping, you’re passing those savings down to consumers.”

These two important investments will build on the PCs’ commitment to making Manitoba’s economy more efficient and competitive, and attracting more business and workers to the province.

“The trucking industry has two big challenges: a shortage of drivers and rising fuel costs. These hike up the cost of transportation, and lead to higher grocery bills and increased prices on everyday goods,” said Jas Brar, Vice President of 4Tracks Ltd. “We’re pleased to see the PCs are committed to filling jobs in our industry and improving fuel efficiency for truckers. And we’re happy to join them in their fight to axe the carbon tax.”

The provincial election will be held on October 3, 2023.


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