Manitoba PC’s pledge to fight the NDP-Liberal carbon tax

Aug 11, 2023 | 2023 Election News

Lower taxes will help Manitobans make ends meet: Stefanson

The NDP-Liberal coalition’s carbon tax makes everything less affordable—groceries, gasoline, and even Hydro bills. Only progressive conservatives are fighting to STOP the carbon tax.

“Last year, PC carbon tax relief fund cheques helped offset the added burden of the carbon tax,” said PC leader Heather Stefanson. “Looking to the future, our PC team has a plan to remove the carbon tax from everything, starting with Hydro bills.”

As long as the NDP-Liberal carbon tax applies to the consumption of all fuels, Manitobans will be unfairly penalized just for heating their homes this winter. This punitive tax cost ratepayers $114 million in 2022.

Kathleen Cook, PC candidate for Roblin, said families like hers are feeling the strain when it comes to making ends meet.

“I’ve got four kids, and I’ve noticed it’s getting harder to afford the essentials,” Cook said. “Families just cannot take it anymore, and the scary thing is the driving force behind these rising costs is scheduled to keep rising.”

The NDP-Liberal coalition plans for carbon tax costs to increase annually, with Manitoba’s home heating-related carbon tax costs approaching $150 million in 2023.

Cook noted the NDP-Liberal coalition’s so-called net-zero target announced this week will also make bills more expensive.

“The NDP-Liberal carbon tax on hydro is an unfair cash grab, which is taxed itself, so progressive conservatives are fighting it for Manitobans,” said Stefanson. “A re-elected PC government will challenge the carbon tax on hydro in court to fight to save Manitobans millions of dollars and help them make ends meet.”

Stefanson noted fighting the carbon tax is just the start of a larger affordability platform that involves further tax relief.


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