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IndigPro ( offers Indigenous branding, creative, marketing, strategy, video, web, app and software development. We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our goal is to create a positive impact on the communities that we serve and be a bridge for industry looking to work with Indigenous audiences. We’re a 100% Indigenous owned full service creative agency and our deep understanding of Indigenous culture, customs and traditions sets us apart. 

IndigPro team brings over 30+ years of experience spanning economic, cultural, construction, health, technology, higher education, medical, food service, manufacturing, municipal, government, energy, non-for profit Industries and everything Indigenous. 

At IndigPro, we recognize that our shop operates on Treaty #1 territory, which represents the ancestral and traditional land of the Anishinaabe people, including the Ojibwe, Cree, and Dakota peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. As a company, we understand and value the significance of the land and communities around us and are grateful for the opportunity to operate on this land.

Thanks to our extensive experience working across industries and with a significant number of Indigenous clients across Turtle Island, we’re able to deliver culturally appropriate strategies, innovative digital marketing solutions, cutting-edge interactive tools that bridge technical barriers, campaigns with messaging that gets results, Indigenous creative that truly resonates and advanced app and software development with emphasis on revitalization, preservation and resurgence of Indigenous peoples languages, culture, customs and traditions.



Whether developing a brand identity, crafting a creative campaign, building a digital strategy, or software development, IndigPro brings professional experience and a deep commitment to reflecting the cultures and visions of our clients. It is through long-term relationships, not one-off projects, that we are able to fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver meaningful growth.

Our Mission is “To work, listen and provide direction to Indigenous people and communities for ways to positive change”

Partner with IndigPro and experience the power of authentic, innovative and creative solutions that get results and resonate.

Our Primary Services

Branding and Creative


We specialize in providing Indigenous creative and branding solutions for both Indigenous-driven and non-Indigenous projects. Leveraging innovative technologies to develop cohesive messaging and materials that drive positive change, ensuring visually engaging yet simple designs with timeless appeal, and meticulous attention to every step of the project to create a powerful brand identity and voice. We bring brand visions to life online and at events and give customers an instantly recognizable access point into the uniqueness of their industry niche.

Marketing And Strategy


Effective marketing and strategy that captures attention, educates communities, and converts to sales while driving positive change in economic, cultural, health, and educational systems in Indigenous communities. Positioning your brand as an expert, generating leads, increasing loyalty, and providing the right information through curated platforms and integrated messaging to guide your audience, with a well-crafted concept and actionable insights that bridge gaps and deliver remarkable results, all achieved through walking alongside our clients.

Web, App and Software Development


IndigPro leads the way in creating a custom tool that enhances the efficiency of tracking inventory or businesses. With expertise in building databases, language apps, online training platforms, and education tools, our team not only delivers solutions but also follows a meticulous strategic process to ensure timely results while mitigating potential risks. We pride ourselves on designing tailored digital products that align with each client’s unique objectives, facilitating swift and seamless progress.

Digital and Video


We specialize in transforming storytelling and traditional knowledge into contemporary formats through digital strategies and broadcast design packages. Crafting powerful narratives that resonate globally, with a mission to preserve and share Indigenous stories for generations to come, and by working collaboratively, we can elevate your video and digital content aspirations to new heights.



When you may need our services

  • Do you need a marketing strategy and digital plan that converts to sales?
  • Do you need to have a hold on your marketing KPIs?
  • Do you need Indigenous creative and branding solutions tailored to meet the needs of Indigenous and non-Indigenous projects?
  • Do you need to keep generational stories alive through images and video?
  • Are you in need of specialized software or app designed to meet your business specific needs and goals?
  • Do you need to design graphics that connect and resonate with your audience?


If you have any questions or you need our services,, please contact us directly via email at [email protected] or phone at 1-204-296-0711. You can also engage with us on our social media; Twitter and Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at IndigPro. To learn more about business, visit our website or visit our sub-office at 71A Burnett Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba.


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