RMED Launches Game-Changing Data Services 

Jul 21, 2023 | Economic Development

The Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation (RMED) is launching a much-needed market intelligence and economic research tool for economic development leaders across Rural Manitoba. 

Data Services is a comprehensive data and analytics resource designed to provide more robust data than otherwise available for most communities, empowering economic development leaders to attract new investment and business while informing decision making and local project plans.   

“We heard from leaders across the province about their challenges with a lack of accurate local economic information,” said Margot Cathcart, Chief Executive Officer at RMED. “This game-changing tool is our response to that need, and we have no doubt it will help drive sustainable growth in our communities. 

Data Services offers direct access to data for over 130 rural communities and regions. It is unfortunate that the data used to power this service is not available for Manitoba’s First Nations and Metis communities, RMED is committed to work with these communities on a case-by-case basis to assess data options. These approaches will make it easier than ever for rural economic leaders to market their communities to business owners and investors. 

“Rural Manitoba is overflowing with opportunity for industries of all kinds, and Data Services unlocks vital information needed to show our potential as businesses look for places to set up,” Cathcart said. 

Visit rmedcorp.ca/data/ to learn more about Data Services.  

The Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation was created to improve, support, and increase success for economic development efforts in Rural Manitoba, with clients including EDOs, local government, First Nations, Indigenous leadership, and entrepreneurs. 

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