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Jul 17, 2023 | Corporate Member News, Front Page

The Manitoba Moose are no strangers to the challenge of breaking through noise and establishing recognition for your product. Just like a team on the ice, your business requires dedication, time, energy and passion. You strive for excellence and celebrate every win along the way. The Moose are here to help by providing unforgettable memories for your customers, employees and stakeholders while allowing for long-term relationships. Affordable Manitoba Moose Membership Packages allow you to reward the key people of your organization with high-caliber AHL hockey, a fun and energetic fan experience and a preview of future Winnipeg Jets stars.

The Moose have called Manitoba home for decades and are proud to be part of a community filled with so much support and encouragement. The Moose are a key development piece for both players and fans in the hockey community. They want to help grow your business and relationships.

“At our orthodontic practice, we love to reward our patients throughout their treatment,” explains Dr. Tim Dumore of Dr. Dumore and Team Orthodontics. “One of the favorite prizes throughout the winter season is front row tickets to see the Manitoba Moose play. We give these tickets out as prizes for contests. Patients can enter a draw for the tickets by buying ballots with their reward points in the office. Our patients love their time at the Moose games and enjoy all the action the front row seats provide!”

Your tickets can also be used to show appreciation towards hardworking employees.

“We have been doing business with the Manitoba Moose since they arrived in the province and always gain terrific value from our partnership,” notes Gavin Rich, President of Tough Duck. “We offer our employees free Moose tickets throughout the season, and they love going to games. It’s an economical family or date night our employees really enjoy, and it’s cost-effective for our company to offer. Our team bonded, we had the opportunity to show our staff we appreciate them, and families had a lot of fun!”

Attending a fun and fast-paced Moose game creates opportunities for relationships to develop outside of the office or corporate space.

“The Manitoba Moose offered a fantastic opportunity for our company to purchase 12 tickets to hand out to our clients,” remarks George Sigurdson, President of the Sigurdson Financial Group. “I distribute them to families who take their kids and grandkids and enjoy a wonderful experience with their families. It provides great entertainment for a very reasonable investment.”

The Moose offer a variety of benefits for Ticket Members, allowing Members to take the experience further than the rink. A dedicated Account Services team is available to help optimize the use of your Membership based on the audience and desired goals of your company.

Manitoba Moose Membership Packages are an affordable, convenient business investment to help your company stand out and thank people important to your business. All while creating positive brand affinity.

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