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Jul 10, 2023 | Corporate Member News, Front Page, MBiz Magazine

The following is an excerpt from the Summer 2023 MBiz Magazine, published in collaboration with the Winnipeg Free Press.



The breathtaking beauty of the North seems to saturate the soul.

That’s certainly the case when you  visit Churchill, named by Time magazine  as one of the World’s Greatest  Places of 2023.

“It is exciting to see Churchill recognized,  especially since there was a focus  on the northern lights and beluga  whale viewing experiences in Churchill,  which are lesser known but equally exceptional  as polar bear viewing,” says  Alex Cupeiro, marketing and communications  co-ordinator for Frontiers North  Adventures.

“There has been an increase in interest  in travel to Churchill since the designation,  especially for our northern lights  season, which is perfect timing with an  upcoming solar peak in 2025.”

Frontiers North Adventures is a Certified  B Corporation tour operator and internationally  recognized leader in sustainable  adventures in Canada’s North,  she adds. The company hosts guests primarily  in Churchill to dine beneath the  northern lights, sing alongside beluga  whales and lock eyes with polar bears.  In addition, the bustling business offers  meaningfully designed programs for  wildlife and culture enthusiasts, photographers  and experiential travellers.

“Guests travel from all over the  world to come to Churchill to experience  the incredible wildlife and witness  the dancing aurora borealis. I think  people have a perception of the North  being barren but have their expectations  blown away once they experience  how beautiful the subarctic landscape  and surrounding area is,” Cupeiro says.

“My own expectations were blown  out of the water the first time I went up  in the winter to see the aurora borealis  in Churchill. The northern lights viewing  in Churchill was unlike anything  I have experienced at the Winnipeg  latitude and blew me away. There is  nothing like looking up and watching  the northern lights dancing and weaving  through the night sky like ribbons  right above you.”

While the northern Manitoba community  attracts visitors from around  the globe, Churchill is also a must-see  destination for travellers within our  own province.

“We see many Manitobans venturing  to Churchill to visit this extraordinary  place in their province. Churchill is a  top destination in the world — and for  us here in Manitoba, it is right in our  backyards,” Cupeiro says. “I strongly  encourage and invite Manitobans to  come and explore this piece of their  province that draws attention from all  around the world that is right at their  fingertips.”

No matter the season, Churchill offers  an astounding experience for visitors  — whether they’re venturing north  for the first time or they’ve returned  many times.

“Churchill is a spectacular place offering  three distinct and all incredible  seasons, from northern lights in the  winter months of February and March,  beluga whales in the summer months  of July and August, and polar bears in  the autumn months of October and  November,” Cupeiro says.

“We often see guests returning to  travel for another season after their  first visit. The North has a way of captivating  people — and once you start  exploring, you won’t want to stop.”

Since Churchill is located in a remote  northern community, Cupeiro says  guests can enjoy pristine landscapes,  uncrowded views and a range of flora  and fauna.

“Summer in Churchill is amazing,  with beluga whales, stunning landscapes  and a wide variety of wildlife,”  she adds.

“It offers an excellent opportunity for  Manitobans to come up and experience  their own backyard in the North.”

To learn more about Frontiers North Adventures, visit www.frontiersnorth.com or call 204-949-2050 (or 1-800-663-9832 toll-free in North America).


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