ICYMI: Deputy Ministers’ Dinner a Defining Member Moment

Oct 31, 2022 | Events, Front Page, Policy, Uncategorized

More than 200 Manitoba Chambers of Commerce members joined us last week on Thursday, October 27 for a night of conversation and connections at our Deputy Ministers’ Dinner, which featured a keynote address from Donald Leitch, Clerk of the Executive Council, Secretary of Cabinet and Head of Manitoba’s Public Service as well as table rotations with deputy ministers and assistant deputy ministers.

“We were thrilled to be able to host an evening with Manitoba’s civil service leaders again – for the first time in three years – and clearly our members were thrilled to be there as well,” said Chuck Davidson, President & CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “The room was buzzing, and the feedback we received from attendees was tremendous. When you’re intentionally seated with DMs and ADMs whose departments are aligned with your organizational purpose, you can make progress in advancing your key priorities and help drive positive action for Manitoba’s business community.”

This dinner, as well as our signature Ministers’ Dinner, are exclusive members-only events designed to deliver coordinated networking with high-ranking government officials, in this case, members of the civil service — those who shape policy in government. Our guests enjoyed lively table conversation, and we deeply appreciate for the government representatives’ willingness to participate openly and transparently.

“We work very hard with our attendee list to seat individuals appropriately — it’s actually quite a science based on multiple variables — then the DMs and ADMs are assigned to their first table for the salad course, followed by a move to a second table for the dinner course rotation, and a final move for the dessert course. We started by placing our 24 government department and representative tables on the seating chart adjacent to one another in a way that makes sense thematically, then we look at each individual attendee and their industry, their goals, and how they would best derive value from the event. We try to make this as beneficial as it can be, and this year, we added in even more networking time before dinner.”

During the event, we enjoyed the premier of a new MCC member profile featuring local community force of nature and valued MCC member Sachit Mehra, GM and co-owner of East India Company Pub & Eatery, as well as greetings from MCC Vice-Chair, Colin Bartlett, Rogers Communications Inc.

“I am inspired by everyone’s willingness to create meaningful action to boost economic recovery and economic development. To me, that means focusing on competitiveness and elevating our province’s position nationally and internationally,” said Bartlett. “We applaud this government for their recent announcements of many initiatives to help us achieve a more competitive position, and when you combine that with the actions of Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, our province’s business community is being well-served. I am proud to be a board member, and I encourage you to learn more about what the MCC has been up to, including the rural and northern health care summit to address physician recruitment and retention challenges they recently co-hosted with Doctors Manitoba; a climate change action project for SMEs; their 5th annual, soon-to-be-released business outlook survey; recovery and revitalization investments in downtown Winnipeg and Brandon; and the Digital Manitoba Initiative, which is now in a whole new intake phase.”

Sponsor remarks included greetings from CNs David Przednowek, Assistant Vice-President, Grain; MHCA President Chris Lorenc; and Joan Harris-Warren, Executive Director, First Peoples’ Development Inc (FPDI). We also enjoyed heartfelt remarks from Harvest Manitoba CEO Vince Barletta, who accepted a $2,500 donation from the proceeds of the event.

Very special thanks to our valued event sponsors for their support:

  • presenting: Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA), CN, and FPDI
  • supporting: Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA); Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba; Vale
  • reception: RRC Polytech
  • dinner: Manitoba Pork Council
  • wine: TC Energy
  • dessert: Rogers
  • table sponsors: Bioscience Association Manitoba; CPHR Manitoba; Credit Union Central of Manitoba; Dairy Farmers of Manitoba; Johnston Group; Kyndryl; Miller Environmental Corporation; Southport Aerospace Centre Inc; Valley Fiber



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