MB Pulse Report | Workforce Woes? Assessing Employer Challenges with Labour Attraction

Oct 3, 2022 | Front Page, MB Pulse, Policy


Business leaders and representatives of Manitoba employers were invited to share their insights on if and how workforce challenges and talent shortages are affecting their businesses. This survey was open to MB Pulse members from September 15 to 21, 2022. A total of 54 surveys were completed.


What We Heard

We are an industry support organization and we are seeing the labour shortage across our entire sector and in almost all job classifications.”

“For as much as I believe in a living wage, my business cannot afford to pay that. We are restructuring and offering less services that require less labour to try to make a profit next year.”

“I am a small, seasonal business owner and I have so many challenges over and above labour, including the lack of labour, the price you have to pay them, rising cost of goods and shipping costs are all making it difficult to make a profit.”

“One of the largest challenges we are facing as an employer is how we can continue to support an employee’s success with ever changing family dynamics, COVID supports, and with inflation.”

“Lack of housing for new employees is a major barrier to hiring qualified employees in my business.”


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