SPOTLIGHT: Luis Escobar

Oct 3, 2022 | Chamber News, Corporate Member News, Front Page

Luis is a Principal with Stantec, and is one of five new members of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce board of directors (for 2022/2023). We’re very happy to have him!

Here’s what Luis has to say:

“I took the role of Office Leader for the Manitoba offices in 2021 and I am also the Practice Leader for the Transportation sector in Manitoba. Both roles have the primary goal of increasing the visibility of Stantec and its services in Manitoba. Serving the community through my professional ability is what drives me.

I came to Canada 32 years ago and Manitoba has been my home ever since. I have used my profession to help improve the community I live in. Improving the mobility choices, improving the economic benefits of mobility, removing barriers for users, and the resulting impacts of these changes to the economy and the people is something in which I take great pride.

Whether it’s cycling a gran fondo (that’s a massive bike race in which cyclists compete against the clock and one another!) or my most recent achievement of running a 100-km ultra-marathon, cycling and running are integral parts of my days outside the office. Both activities are therapeutic for me. They allow me to go over my day and learn from it, or help me discover new places and see a city, trail or park in a different way. Cycling and running help me feel alive, more so after pushing the body and see how fast or how far I can go. And while I don’t ride my bike in Winter…I run most days outdoors, whether its 40C or -40C.

“Be kind to others” is integral to how I live, and I also use other words of intention depending on what I am doing…“will it help?” or “we can do hard things” are corollaries that I use depending on the situation.”

Stantec was founded in 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta by Dr. Don Stanley and it has grown to a company of over 22,000 people in 400 offices across the globe. Stantec has been in Manitoba for over 65 years and the office in Winnipeg has grown from a handful of people to nearly 300 engineers, technologists, architects, interior designers, scientists, and other professionals and support staff.

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