Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Business Data Lab providing valuable statistics and insights

May 25, 2022 | Chamber News, Front Page

The Business Data Lab (BDL), launched by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in February 2022, will provide future-focused, real-time data and insights for companies of all sizes, sectors and regions of the country. The BDL will bring together data from a variety of sources to track evolving market conditions, providing Canadian businesses with critical information to help them make better decisions and improve their performance. As its operations ramp up, it will provide:

  • Dashboards: High-quality, high-frequency indicators most relevant to businesses on the state of Canada’s economy.
  • Reports and policy briefs: Insights to identify future growth opportunities for Canadian businesses, key obstacles and policies to realize Canada’s full economic potential.
  • Canadian Survey on Business Conditions analysis: Value-added analysis on topical business issues based on Statistics Canada’s survey of over 15,000 employers.

Working in collaboration with Statistics Canada and with financial support from the Government of Canada, the BDL can help advance Canadian business success in a number of different ways:

  • Small businesses across Canada will be better able to monitor market conditions in their region.
  • Quarterly business surveys will provide detailed insights that drill down by ownership characteristics and give an advanced sense of future trends.
  • Businesses owned by diverse segments of the population can benefit from focused research into their specific needs and opportunities.

The BDL will convene, consult and engage inclusive stakeholder communities and other traditionally-under-represented groups to help inform its activities, and develop a new Federal Government Advisory Council, comprised of stakeholders with unique perspectives on Canadian business, business surveys and government programs for business.

Review the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions report from Q1 2022.

The BDL is made possible through our collaboration with Statistics Canada and with financial support from Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

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