Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President and CEO Chuck Davidson joined a dozen CEO’s from across Western Canada to discuss economic issues and opportunities facing the West as part of a full day of meetings in Vancouver this week.

“Seeing this operation firsthand and the impact it has on supply chain across the prairies especially for the shipment of Manitoba grain highlights the importance of Port of Vancouver to the Manitoba economy”, said Davidson. “It was also interesting to learn that the Port is nearing capacity and the need for significant infrastructure investment in the next five years.”

The newly established Western Executive Council is an initiative of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that has representation from close to 40 organizations like Shell Canada, Federated Cooperatives, WestJet, EY, Nicola Wealth, Ag Growth International and Capital Power Corporation.

In addition to discussion with former and current Members of Parliament the group discussed how to push the various levels of government to focus on economic growth. The focused on western Canada’s strengths in energy and food production as opportunities Canada.

The Western Executive Council will focus on three broad themes:

  • building our economic capabilities to help Western Canadian businesses compete;
  • investing in a modern economy to seize new opportunities; and
  • laying the foundation for a better society for the future.