Ah, the irony…We have been forced to close the TechUp application portal temporarily due to total system overload. We will re-open the TechUp portal to applications tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23, at 11 AM CST.

As a result of an extraordinary, unprecedented volume of traffic, our website and application portal were obliterated today.

We have been advised to move the DMI online property and application portal to an entirely dedicated server — work which is currently underway. Our tech team has assured us that we will be up and running with a phenomenal amount of bandwidth shortly, and that we will be able to re-open with confidence at 11 AM CST, tomorrow, Wed., February 23.

Thank you for your patience as we take the necessary steps to reduce aggravation levels and welcome you all to the DMI. If you were unable to apply today, please do NOT PANIC. We have plenty of room for new applicants, so visit us online to start the application process at tomorrow beginning at 11 AM.

Applications must be submitted through the DMI portal and submissions made by email will not be accepted.

If you have submitted questions or a request for assistance, your call/voicemail/email will be answered in the order it is received. We are responding as quickly as we can.

We thank you for your patience.