#MeetAMember: Greeman Asset Management Solutions

Jul 5, 2021 | Chamber News, Front Page

Greeman Asset Management Solutions provides expert asset management advisory, consulting and educational services to organizations with portfolios of physical assets. Our solutions help firms to manage risks and improve asset performance by implementing systems to holistically manage their equipment and infrastructure.

We recognize that asset management is a broad and complex field and may be daunting to some clients. To help companies successfully navigate their asset management journey, we assist asset-dependent companies with:

  • Asset management needs and readiness assessment,
  • Asset management policy and strategy deployment,
  • Asset risks management framework,
  • Life cycle management plans,
  • Asset information management,
  • Long-term asset investment planning, and
  • Organization capacity building.

Through the Greeman Asset Management Academy, we offer courses both at the professional and Executive/Board levels to prepare leaders to sponsor, lead and participate in their asset management transformation. Check out our latest online/on-demand courses: Introduction to Asset Management, AM101 and Asset Information Management, AM103.

We have trained thousands of persons globally, through our courses, workshops, and webinars. We have also delivered webinars and courses across the USA and Canada for major corporations such as AmeriCold Logistics LLC, IDCON, Fluke, Aquitas, and many Canadian municipalities.

We also publish a leading asset management newsletter, Sustainable Asset Management Focus. Each quarter, we feature educational content geared at owners and managers of infrastructure and equipment.

To learn more about Greeman Asset Management Solutions, click here.

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