#MeetAMember: Intrinsic Analytics – Manitoba’s Leading Bioinformation Services Provider

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Just as the field of medicine has various facets and specialties, the world of occupational health services also consists of many areas of focus. Intrinsic Analytics, Manitoba’s premier bioinformation services provider, offers occupation health services, personal health services, COVID-19 testing, and consultations for its different programs.

As strong and impassioned medical advocates, Intrinsic Analytics seeks to bring a holistic view of health-related services to their clients. Having serviced thousands of clients, the team brings a unique, science-based perspective to their work. The company’s healthcare industry leaders are accredited with the highest degrees, with advanced expertise in Pharmacology and Physiology.

Intrinsic Analytics’ approach to medical advocacy began in 2012 with a group of friends and colleagues – Dr. Waylon Hunt, Dr. Jon-Jon Santiago, and Dr. Ryan Mitchell, who became dedicated to a dream of offering ethical, comprehensive, innovative, and socially responsible health and safety services for all Manitobans.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began more than 15 months ago, Intrinsic Analytics spearheaded the first private BSL-2 laboratory in Manitoba to offer RT-PCR based COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals using exclusively Health Canada approved gold-standard assays and protocols.

“Our program was designed to meet the needs of employers and their workers who were unable to access testing through the provincial system, but who were responsible for maintaining a safe and COVID-free workplace. We thought to ourselves: How can we offer our assistance so that the people of Manitoba feel safer and more comfortable while dealing with the added stressors of COVID-19?” says Dr. Santiago, Chief Scientific Officer.

In addition to providing COVID-19 testing and education, Intrinsic Analytics engages in cutting-edge research initiatives on the forefront of scientific discovery. As recent award recipients from Research Manitoba, the company is engaged in novel research to evaluate a saliva-based test which may be used in the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to further reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“The use of saliva to test for asymptomatic carriers makes sense,” remarks Dr. Santiago. “It would allow us to help reduce the significant strain that COVID-19 has put on our healthcare system by freeing up nurses and technicians who are currently sequestered performing nasal swabs. At the same time, it is much less invasive for the client who could avoid the nose swab, avoid travelling to designated test sites, and avoid having to wait in line to access a test since it could practically be administered anywhere.”

Intrinsic works with companies that are genuinely interested in the physical and mental wellbeing of their workers. Occupational health programs are designed to meet the unique characteristics of individual companies while collectively meeting or exceeding industry standards for health and safety. The team’s expertise saves employers time and money by reducing administration and compliance costs, which for smaller companies allows for staff to focus on their primary roles, and provides corporate memory during job transitions.

According to Dr. Waylon Hunt, Chief Executive Officer: “It is rewarding to provide clients with win/win solutions. All our programs are backed by scientific research which means we are providing our clients with evidence-based solutions and actionable results that benefit employers and workers alike.” He adds: “For companies to adopt health programs there must be a clear value proposition. Our services are designed to help companies raise their standards, comply with regulations, and commit to the heath and safety of their workers while saving money from time loss and accident claims. Many of our clients also benefit from increased productivity as a result of a healthier workforce.”

As 2021 University of Manitoba Honoured Science Alumni award recipients, the trio was recognized for their innovative approach to entrepreneurship through science. Intrinsic Analytics offers industry-leading programs designed to address substance abuse through drug/alcohol testing, lung health through medical surveillance, and prevention solutions such as quantitative respirator fit-testing, toxic metals exposure through metabolomics analysis, hearing conservation through audiometric testing, and return-to-work via physical/functional assessments. In addition, they offer comprehensive nutritional assessments for companies that sponsor wellness programs.

Prior to the pandemic, they had successfully completed clinical trials aimed at developing a new comprehensive health assay used to identify multiple potential health risks. They are hoping to release the test to the public sometime later this year.

“May 2021 marked one full year since we began operating our COVID-19 testing laboratory. Since then, we have performed thousands of COVID-19 tests and we have consistently provided same day results. In fact, according to our most recent analysis, our average turnaround time for test results has been less than 5.5 hours,” sys Dr. Ryan Mitchell, Chief Analytics Officer. “With the gradual rise in COVID-19 infections and an expected rise in vaccination rates, we anticipated the demand for a COVID-19 antibody test. We recently added a new Health Canada approved COVID-19 Antibody Test to our service offering to help our clients make informed decisions regarding vaccinations and immunity.”

Intrinsic Analytics is committed to growing its portfolio in the health services sector and to providing the best quality solutions, with the highest quality standards, with the best quality of service. “Intrinsic Analytics’ clients can always rely on accurate and meaningful results.”

Under promised – over delivered! Learn more about Intrinsic Analytics: https://intrinsicanalytics.com/

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