Are we reacting to or managing COVID-19?

Feb 23, 2021 | Chamber News, Front Page

Last week, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and the Retail Council of Canada joined forces to launch a new advocacy campaign,, putting out a call to all levels of government to mobilize and develop a pan-Canadian strategy to manage COVID-19.
With COVID-19 cases increasing at an alarming rate, our leaders face a difficult balancing act. The challenge for us all is to chart a path forward that protects Canadians’ health – related to COVID-19, mental, and other aspects – as well as their economic well-being. However, to achieve these results, we must move from simply reacting to the disease to actively controlling it.

A plan to replace Canada’s current patchwork approach of reacting to daily numbers is overdue. It is neither socially nor economically sustainable to rely heavily on rotating lock-downs while we wait for an effective vaccine to be widely administered in the coming year.The strategy asks that all three levels of government work together as partners, collaboratively addressing six key components, from widespread rapid testing to vaccine administration. Click here to read more…

The strategy also includes a petition you can sign here.

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