Bell Let’s Talk Day: Join in to help drive progress in mental health

Jan 26, 2021 | Business News and Tips, Corporate Member News, Front Page, Government News

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Thursday, January 28 and we’re joining in to help drive progress in mental health!

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our lives, including our mental health. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 38% of Canadians say their mental health has declined due to COVID-19, and people already struggling with their mental health were 2 times more likely to say their mental health has declined due to the pandemic.

Since 2010, Canadians and people around the globe have joined in the world’s largest conversation around mental health on Bell Let’s Talk Day. Together we have taken big steps to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and inspire one another to take action and help create a Canada where everyone can access the mental health support they need. In a recent survey conducted by Nielsen Consumer Insights, 83% of Canadians now say they are comfortable speaking with others about mental health, compared to only 42% in 2012. By joining in and taking action, we are all helping to make a real difference.

This year’s Bell Let’s Talk Day campaign shines a light on the actions that we can all take, because now more than ever, mental health matters. Whether you’re staying virtually connected with a family member, working directly with patients in recovery, investing in access to care or even just taking care of your own mental health, every Canadian can play a part in their communities, workplaces, schools and at home.

That’s why we’re joining in the 11th annual Bell Let’s Talk Day to help create positive change. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is sharing the following resources and reminders to help our members, your staff, and your loved ones manage stress and anxiety — and access the resources you need — amid the pandemic:

  • For yourself:
  • For your family members and loved ones:
    • Kids Help Phone is an excellent resource for youth, full of helpful tips sheets and many ways to connect 24/7, including by text.
    • For Manitobans over the age of 16, as of Oct. 13/2020, mental health support in response to COVID-19 from the Province of Manitoba has been expanded. In addition to the AbilitiCBT program already available (virtual cognitive behaviour therapy modules), residents age 16+ have access to up to two free counselling sessions with a trained professional at Morneau Shepell. To book your first session, call toll free 1-844-218-2955. Counselling sessions can be by video or telephone, as preferred, and sessions are offered in multiple languages.
  • For your workplace:
    • If you have an employee assistance program (EAP) already in place, check in with your team and request resources you can leverage to remind employees about the mental health support service, and to help de-stigmatize mental health.
    • If you’re promoting the Let’s Talk campaign in your workplace, Bell’s Facilitator Guide is an excellent resource.
    • If you haven’t yet reviewed or implemented the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Psychological Standard in the Workplace, download it for free now. The Standard’s 13 tenets specify requirements for a documented and systematic approach to develop and sustain a psychologically healthy & safe workplace. You can also download the implementation guide.

When it comes to mental health, now more than ever, every action counts.

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell donates 5 cents to Canadian mental health programs for every applicable text, local or long distance call, tweet or TikTok video using #BellLetsTalk, every Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube view of the Bell Let’s Talk Day video, and every use of the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter. All at no cost to participants beyond what they would normally pay their service provider for online or phone access.

You can also find resources, learn more about some of the organizations providing meaningful mental health supports and services throughout Canada and download the Bell Let’s Talk toolkit to begin your own conversation about mental health at home, school or in the workplace. Please join us this Bell Let’s Talk Day by showing your support for all those who live with mental illness and those taking action to help them.

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