Winter 2020 Edition of the MBiz Magazine Now Available!

Dec 15, 2020 | Chamber News, Front Page

If you’re a Winnipeg Free Press subscriber, you likely received your copy of the MCC’s MBiz Magazine last week. We’re packaging up and mailing a print copy to all members this week, so watch for yours arriving soon. Or, if you can’t wait, read it online instead! Click here for stories, including:

  • Creating an Uncertain Future for Business: 2020 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey results
  • Introduction to the MMDF
  • Overview of the MCCs next level of business support, our COVID-19 Business Survival Guide and Manitoba Business Matters
  • Tales of local retailers, grocers, and a foodservices giant
  • Precision ADMs manufacturing re-tooling to produce goods in the fight against COVID
  • And so much more…

Thank you to all contributing partners, as well as to our advertisers, sponsors, writers, and the Winnipeg Free Press.

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