Looking for an innovative way to onboard bright talent AND enjoy reimbursed wages? You can have both!

Dec 14, 2020 | Chamber News, Corporate Member News, Front Page, Government News

The hiring process can make or break a business, often consuming huge and unnecessary amounts of time, money and energy. But there is a better way to find high-quality talent. Magnet’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) is connecting employers and students for subsidized work-integrated learning placements. And it’s doing it in a way that’s innovative and empowering.

The program provides employers access to a diverse pool of students across the country. For every student recruited for paid work experience, program funding reimburses employers 75% of their wages to a maximum of $7,500.

The Government of Canada-funded SWPP is an incredible program for all involved. Participating students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through experiential learning and employers stay ahead of the curve by being connected to an enormous pool of bright, eager talent. These student employees benefit companies with their high comfort levels using technology and new media, their adaptability, trainability and their fresh, modern perspectives. Plus, wage subsidies not only mitigate the risks of hiring new talent, but they can also help companies invest in other much-needed resources. These relationships will ultimately help Canada’s industries grow and modernize.

While the reasons to hire students may be clear, finding the right candidates is a process usually fraught with difficulties and frustration. Using paid job posting and post-secondary career management platforms can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But there is a way to forgo the strenuous search and quickly attract the right employee.

Magnet and Orbis Communications’ online student recruitment platform, Outcome Campus Connect, is the largest in Canada. This free service provides employers access to a diverse pool of students from 95+ post-secondary institutions while zeroing in on regions, schools and areas of study. So instead of filtering through hundreds of applications on online job boards, employers can access a wealth of diverse talent and narrow in on the perfect hire with unparalleled ease.

Diversity is essential to the growth of any business. Outcome Campus Connect helps employers recruit students from under-represented groups, providing opportunities for women in STEM fields, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and new Canadians. These groups provide new and diverse ideas that accelerate innovation, enhance brand affinity and boost employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. Companies that recognize the importance of inclusion are ones with public respect, relevance and longevity.

Magnet’s SWPP doesn’t just benefit businesses, it’s good for the country too. Canadian students are especially struggling to navigate this pandemic. A July study by Statistics Canada shows that unemployment for this group rose to a historical high this year. Graduates may lose tens of thousands over the next five years, with female graduates expected to lose the most.  However, this program is giving these students the opportunity to connect with real work-integrated learning placements that can help them with their first steps on the road to a successful career.

Magnet’s SWPP is investing in Canadian students and businesses alike—and they are still accepting applications. Visit swpp.magnet.today/funding-your-student-hiring/ to learn how you can hire student talent and apply for funding.



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