#MeetAMember: GFIT’s Innovative Corporate Wellness Solution can Support your Employees During these Difficult Times

Nov 23, 2020 | Business News and Tips, Corporate Member News, Front Page, Uncategorized

GFIT Wellness has helped thousands of clients transform their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally through expert wellness coaching. And now, this Winnipeg-based company is inspiring employers to take an innovative and proactive approach to supporting employee health and wellness.

“We are genuinely excited to launch our new Corporate Wellness Program because it couldn’t be arriving at a more critical time,” says GFIT Founder & CEO Grant Reid. “The COVID-19 pandemic has decreased productivity for some organizations, and it has aggravated costly workplace issues like absenteeism, stress, anxiety and depression. And, as time marches on, it will lead to further negative outcomes.”

The company’s “whole” approach to wellness, combined with the powerful technology of their Employee Wellness Portal, can meet and support employees wherever they’re at in their journey, and connect them with the tools and professional guidance they need to thrive.

“It is so fulfilling to see our clients’ overall quality of life improve. They have more energy, they’re more present in their relationships, and their performance at work improves,” says Reid. “The positive effects that coaching can have on an individual – literally across all aspects of their life — is inspiring to witness, and it became clear to me that I needed to find a way to translate that impact on a larger scale.”

“We consulted with multiple Human Resources directors from local and national organizations, and their feedback has been integral to the program’s design,” says Arturo Orellana, Chief Strategic Officer. “HR leaders recognize that employees are really struggling right now, and that traditional wellness programs are not providing the proactive mental and physical support needed during this pandemic.”

Although many companies have a traditional benefits plan in place, and large employers may also have formal disability management and return-to-work programs, these do not prevent illness and injury, nor do they actively promote strategies that support positive mental health. In consulting with top obesity medicine doctors, as well as their partners at the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Canadian Cancer Society, GFIT has developed a well-rounded, proactive approach to wellness to complement traditional benefits plans.

“We know that employees don’t often utilize benefits proactively, so our one-on-one approach educates and guides employees in how to use those plans wisely in order to prevent sickness or injury. Our online Employee Wellness Portal provides employers with all the tools you need to take care of employees physically, mentally, and emotionally — from the comfort of their own home,” says Orellana.

Companies are proven to perform better when employees are healthy and happy, and the GFIT Wellness team sees evidence of that every day.

“GFIT’s clients report better sleep, increased confidence, and improved performance at work, and they say they take fewer sick days, experience fewer short-term disabilities, and consume less prescription drugs,” says Reid. “The GFIT team and our Corporate Wellness Program will help your employees leverage the physical, emotional, and mental support that they need to perform better in all areas of their lives.”

Discover GFIT Wellness now! Watch their corporate wellness video, click here to book a meeting with Arturo Orellana and have a conversation about supporting your employees.

Pre-pandemic photo at top: GFIT Chief Strategy Officer Arturo Orellano (pictured left) with Founder & CEO Grant Reid (right).

GFIT Corporate Wellness Employee Portal

The portal can be customized based on your organization’s needs and priorities. The portal includes:

 Access to on-demand exercise videos such as yoga, mobility, dumbbells, etc. (Watch demo video)
✔  Monthly mental health webinars
✔  Monthly healthy recipes designed by registered dietitians
✔  Monthly at-home exercise plans
✔  Monthly healthy habit tips
✔  Online Library: Guided meditation, podcasts, books
✔  Exclusive member perks with discounts of up to 50% at more than 3,000 retailers across Canada
✔  Proactive and direct interaction with our registered dietitians, registered social workers, physiotherapists, and other registered professionals across Canada (covered by most benefits plans).
✔  Opportunity to upgrade to one-on-one online coaching with GFIT’s highly-qualified wellness/fitness coaches for those who are interested.

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