Northern Health Region & Churchill Moved to Orange on Oct. 26/2020

Oct 23, 2020 | Chamber News, Corporate Member News, Government News

With the growing number of cases in the Northern Regional Health Authority and Churchill, the province has introduced targeted measures under the Restricted (Orange) level of the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System to reduce community spread of the virus by reducing close-prolonged contact between people. These measures came into effect on Monday, October 26th, and will remain in effect for a minimum of two weeks. (Subject to being extended.) Click here to view our complete guide of the measures.

The restrictions will be the same as those currently in place in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, and include:

  • The maximum size of gatherings is reduced to five people. This applies to ceremonies such as weddings and funerals and social events like banquets and receptions, as well as informal gatherings such as dinners and house parties.
  • Gatherings involving more than five persons may take place if:
    • the number of persons attending does not exceed 30 per cent of the usual capacity of the place or premises where the gathering is held;
    • the place or premises where the gathering is held is physically divided into separate areas which contain no more than five persons each; and
    • persons in each area are prevented from coming into close proximity with persons in another area during the gathering as well as when entering or leaving.
  • Casinos and bingo halls must close.
  • Entertainment facilities with a license under the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act that requires the licensee to present live entertainment must close to members of the public, with the exception of providing food for take-out or delivery.
  • Other licensed businesses must limit occupancy to 50 per cent of their usual capacity.
  • The maximum occupancy of retail businesses is limited to 50 per cent of their usual capacity.
  • The maximum occupancy of restaurants is limited to 50 per cent of their usual capacity.
  • The maximum occupancy of personal service businesses is limited to 50 per cent of their usual occupancy or one person for each 10 square metres of the premises open to the public, whichever is less.
  • Operators of a restaurant or licensed premises, theatre, museum, gallery, library, personal service business, concert hall, or fitness facility are required to keep contact information for members of the public attending their premises and maintain those records for 21 days to support contract tracing. For further information on the businesses that are subject to this requirement, please see the orders.

In addition, the following measures were put in place for schools in the Northern health regions under the Restricted Level (Orange), effective Monday, October 26th:

  • Schools must ensure two metres of physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, and adjust classroom space as necessary; excess furniture must be removed from classrooms to create additional space; and other spaces within schools must be repurposed to accommodate more distancing (e.g., multipurpose rooms, empty rooms, shared spaces, common areas and libraries).
  • Extracurricular activities are only permitted if all learning and distancing requirements have been met. If these activities continue, established guidelines must be followed and, in the case of sports, participants should maintain distance when not active.
  • Teachers and staff who move across cohorts of students, including substitute teachers, are required to wear medical masks. Medical-grade disposable masks have been issued to all schools. N95 masks are not required.
  • Indoor choir and the use of wind instruments are not permitted.
  • All field trips must be postponed or cancelled.
  • Blended learning (in-class and online) for grades 9 to 12 where distancing cannot be achieved will continue as per status quo.
  • Kindergarten to Grade 8 students may be offered a temporary remote learning option for the duration of the Restricted level (orange).

The current measures requiring mandatory mask use in indoor public places, reducing liquor service hours and noise restrictions at licensed facilities, continue to be in force in the region. In order to reduce community spread, residents in the Northern Regional Health Authority and Churchill are strongly encouraged to limit the number of people from each household who go shopping. Families with children in after-school or sporting activities are strongly encouraged to have only one parent attend events, games or practices. People going to gyms or fitness centres must wear a mask unless they are participating in physical activity.

These measures will be in effect for two weeks, and may be renewed with additional restrictions if these changes are unable to slow the community transmission currently seen in the Northern Regional Health Authority and Churchill. Public health officials may place the province or other regions or facilities in an elevated response level at any time.

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