Feb 24, 2020 | Other News

On Friday, February 21, NASCO President Tiffany Melvin, J.D., addressed the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce at our MBiz Breakfast event, speaking about the economic impact of tri-national trade and the importance of USMCA/CUSMA to North America’s future success.

“The bottom line is that trade throughout North America is absolutely essential to business owners AND to individual consumers. We need to stop underestimating the importance of cross-border relationships to the production of goods. A product may actually cross the border multiple times before it’s finalized. A car is a great example of that – 8 border crossings (Canada/US) occur before a vehicle is ready for market!”
“From a business perspective, we need to be prepared for USMCA, because we weren’t prepared for NAFTA. In fact, many small to medium enterprises just paid the tariffs, rather than completing the necessary steps to ensure their compliance and take advantage of free trade. Let’s do it differently this time around.”

If you were unable to attend, Ms. Melvin has graciously shared her presentation slides with us.

To learn more about NASCO, the North American Strategy for Competitiveness, click here.

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