MCC President & CEO Chuck Davidson shares a 2019 advocacy-in-review message

Dec 17, 2019 | Other News

Celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and creating community connections

I am deeply proud of the organization we are building together – one which is dedicated to shaping the kind of future we want for all Manitobans. We’re forward-thinking, effective, and action-oriented, and together, we’ve made significant contributions to overall quality of life in this province.

Our mission is to champion sustainable economic growth leading to greater prosperity for Manitoba businesses and communities. We can only fulfill this mission with the support of a strong, vibrant, and diverse chamber network driven by a shared purpose: to contribute to the vitality of our communities, the prosperity of our employees, and the sustainability of our environment. We’ve been able to achieve many of our goals by working collaboratively across vast regions, across sectors, and alongside government representatives, fellow entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Best of all, we’ve picked up even greater momentum in 2019 with some additional advocacy wins and opportunities to influence policy and decision-making:

  • MCC continues to serve as a co-chair of Look North, the province’s Northern Economic Development Strategy. We hosted four of six planned Economic Development Tours to select Northern communities.
  • MCC continues to act as a co-chair for Travel Manitoba’s provincial tourism strategy, and we succeeded in advocating for an increase from the previous 96/4 funding model to an improved 95/5 funding model.
  • MCC was appointed administrator of the Manitoba Mining Development Fund, and we look forward to playing an even greater role in northern economic development through this project-based approach to economic stimulation.
  • MCC delivered annual pre-budget recommendations to the provincial government in 2019, and we will do so again in 2020.
  • MCC presented a position report on behalf of business to the 2019 K to 12 Education Review Commission.
  • MCC, along with nine Manitoba business organizations, launched “7 Pillars: Growing Manitoba’s Economy”, a 2019 provincial election economic growth platform
  • MCCs 2nd annual Day of Advocacy at the Manitoba Legislature offered Chamber leaders an opportunity to meet with government representatives.
  • We were recently appointed co-chair of the province’s Southern Manitoba Economic Development Strategy.
  • We’ve spoken out on behalf of business on local and national issues such as the opening up of Sunday and holiday shopping hours, trade blockades, tariffs, inter-provincial regulatory challenges, cannabis, national pharmacare, climate action, crime and community safety, and carbon pricing.

Almost 10,000 members strong, we can leverage the power and volume of a collective voice when we speak up to push for changes or advocate for improvements to the economic climate. This amplification is what helps us succeed in effecting change and generating positive outcomes – locally, provincially, and even nationally.

“I encourage you to continue engaging meaningfully with your chamber. Enjoy opportunities to make valuable connections, access a strong support network, and take advantage of cost-saving programs and resources available exclusively to members to support your business.”

As a chamber member, you have demonstrated a willingness to invest in your future and the future of your community. Thank you for your commitment to growth and opportunity for all Manitobans, and I wish you a special and wonderful holiday season (I sincerely hope you will all enjoy some re-invigorating downtime with family and friends). We’ll see you in 2020!

Working on your behalf,
Chuck Davidson, President & CEO



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