Nov 12, 2019 | Other News

Generosity: A New Paradigm

Did you know that Manitobans are by far the most generous people in Canada when it comes to charitable giving? This is a wonderful fact that reflects a positive trend in personal giving. But how do you create a culture of generosity within your business, especially one that becomes as important as the bottom line?

Steve Brandt, a businessman born and raised in Manitoba, always hoped that one day he could use his entrepreneurial abilities to help others. Today, he runs a successful trucking company with an unconventional goal as part of the bottom line: to be a conduit of generosity.  

At first, Steve began donating a portion of his business profits to charitable causes. After a while, he seized the opportunity to invite his executive team to join in the giving process. He wanted them to understand that beyond the traditional metrics of growing revenue and a strong balance sheet, the business should also strive to give generously from the profits it made. He was delighted when his colleagues responded positively.

Word spread and soon all employees embraced the idea that contributing to the success of the business meant much more than a profitable bottom line. Generosity has become a defining feature of Steve’s company. It permeates all aspects of his business. Steve is committed to living generously, and models giving for clients, colleagues and his community.

Charitable giving from your business has numerous benefits. However, as Steve discovered, there are many different ways to give to charity. To help navigate these options, he relies on the services of Abundance Canada, a faith-based public foundation that helps people achieve their philanthropic goals.

“Establishing a Generosity Plan™ is a great solution to manage your charitable gifts at all stages of life,” says Rick Braun-Janzen, Director of Gift Planning. “We help clients develop and implement a customized plan that can include numerous gifting options to help maximize their giving for a greater impact.”

The process is simple. Abundance Canada will meet with you to discuss your charitable goals and then develop a Generosity Plan to achieve them. A Gifting Fund™ is an integral part of your Generosity Plan.  Your donations are added to the Gifting Fund. You provide recommendations to Abundance Canada as to which charities should receive support from the Fund, over what time period they should receive this support, and whether you want to remain anonymous to the recipient charity or have Abundance Canada identify you as the source of the donation.

Abundance Canada makes charitable giving simple, efficient and effective. As Steve Brandt has discovered, a successful business and generous charitable giving can really be two sides of the same valuable coin.

Abundance Canada is a registered public foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To learn more call 1.800.772.3257 or visit


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