A coalition of 10 organizations representing the interests of thousands of businesses in the Province of Manitoba called on all political parties in Provincial Election 2019 to focus their efforts on Growing the Manitoba Economy.

The coalition’s members believe that economic growth should be the top priority, and that the overriding challenge for the next five years will be diversifying our agricultural, manufacturing, resource, financial and service sectors to strengthen the capacity for export and create jobs. Prudent investments within a climate of confidence and certainty enable growth, leading to more jobs, greater prosperity, and a higher quality of life.

Each of the main political parties in Election 2019 will be invited to review and respond to the coalition’s platform, and to outline their party’s commitments and policies in response to each of our 7 pillars, as referenced in detail here: Growing Manitoba’s Economy

  1. A Common Economic Agenda
  2. Infrastructure Investment
  3. Global Trade
  4. Indigenous Engagement
  5. Producing, Attracting and Retaining Talent
  6. Access to Capital
  7. Establish Strong Sustainable Fiscal Relationships

Those responses will be made public in advance of the September 10th, 2019, election date.

The Coalition is comprised of the following members:

  • Business Council of Manitoba                                   
  • Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
  • Manitoba Chambers of Commerce                          
  • Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
  • Manitoba Home Builders’ Association                     
  • Manitoba Real Estate Association
  • Manitoba Trucking Association                                 
  • Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Construction Association                         
  • The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce