In October 2019, the Manitoba Government announced $20 million in funding to jump-start mineral and economic development initiatives in the north and throughout the province. The Manitoba Mineral Development Fund (MMDF), delivered and administered by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, will support new economic development opportunities that capitalize on existing assets in the north and across Manitoba. Projects funded by MMDF will benefit Manitoba’s economy and local communities alike with a partnership-based approach to help grow and diversify the provincial economy together with Indigenous communities.

For more details about MMDF, please read the MMDF Program Guidelines.


MMDF replaces the Mining Community Reserve Fund and was developed to align with the priorities set out in Manitoba’s updated economic development framework, including Look North report and the Action Plan for Manitoba’s Northern Economy.


Step 1 – MMDF Program Guidelines

Step 2 – Short and Long Application forms

Step 3 – Contact Staff

Step 4 – Approval process infographic


Chuck Davidson (Chair) – Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
Kevin Ploegman – Fort Group – Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
Darin Downey – Gardewine – Manitobe Chambers of Commerce
Colleen Smook – City of Thompson – AMM
Richard Trudeau – HudBay Minerals – Mining Association of Manitoba



Jessica Ferris
Program Manager, Manitoba Mineral Development Fund
Direct Line: 204-891-3843


Click here for a list of approved MMDF projects.


  1. Who is eligible to apply?
    • Municipal or regional governments
    • Private organizations, including for-profit & not-for-profit organizations
    • Indigenous organization or community
  2. When is the application deadline?
  3. There is no application deadline to apply for MMDF. Applications are received on a rolling basis after the initial call for applications on ______, 2020.

  4. What types of projects are eligible for funding?
  5. Any project that promotes economic development within Manitoba is eligible to apply. Projects that have a higher likelihood of obtaining funding are those that meet the criteria set out in Section 6 of the MMDF Program Guidelines.

  6. What project costs are eligible for funding?
  7. Generally, all costs that are reasonably associated with the project’s activities are eligible for funding. For more specific information about ineligible or eligible costs, please review Section 7 of the MMDF Program Guidelines.

  8. Are there maximum amounts of funding available for a project?
  9. For short-term projects, the maximum amount of funding available is $50,000. Medium- and long-term projects may be approved for funding up to $300,000. Note, the Board approves funding for projects on a case by case basis and may approve funding for projects exceeding the suggested limit(s) if a project demonstrates exceptional merit.