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TD Opens First Net-Zero Energy Bank Branch in Canada

“Changing our branches from energy users to energy generators is one more way that we can lead by example in the transformation to a greener economy,” said Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief environment Officer, TD Bank Group. “Net zero energy is good for the environment and it makes good business sense – and that is fundamental to being the better bank.” [Click on Logo to learn more]

Oct 31, 2011
12:31 PM

New Heating Unit at Providence University College will Reduce Greenhouse-gas Emissions: Lemieux

The province invested $84,000 through the Community Led Emissions Reduction (CLER) Initiative’s competitive fund. CLER is a pilot initiative aimed at supporting projects and providing incentives to encourage locally driven efforts to achieve reductions in Manitoba’s greenhouse-gas emissions and build toward sustainable, long-term changes. [Click on Pic to learn more]

Oct 28, 2011
01:42 PM

Federal Investment to Enhance Clean Energy Market Opportunities for Western Canadian Businesses

The Clean Energy SME Capacity Building Program is providing 150 companies from across the West with access to resources such as workshops, training and business advisory services geared towards increasing their capacity to attract trade and investment opportunities. Up to 50 of these companies will also be selected to showcase and demonstrate their technologies to potential investors and partners at the Global Clean Energy Congress. [Click on Pic to learn more]

Oct 20, 2011
03:12 PM

“Subsidies and External Costs in Electric Power Generation: A Comparative Review of Estimates” IISD

While the literature on energy subsidies is considerable and growing, only a fraction of this literature focuses on subsidies to electricity generation, and only a small subset attempts to quantify the level of these subsidies. This paper reviews the information currently available for each fuel type, identifies the major gaps in the literature and makes a preliminary comparison of results. [Click on Pic to learn more]

Sep 16, 2011
04:44 PM

Cargill To Install Waste-To-Energy System In Canadian Beef Processing Facility: Up To 80 Percent of Alberta Plant’s Energy Requirements Will Be from Renewable Sources

Once it is in operation, the new system will eliminate 21,000 metric tons of fossil fuel emissions annually, in addition to mitigating the facility’s electric energy requirements by producing 1.4 megawatts of power. Using organic waste that would otherwise go to landfills also reduces the load on those sites. [Click on Logo to learn more]

Jul 29, 2011
02:50 PM

“The High Cost of Cheap Energy: Russia’s Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Undermine Sustainable Development” IISD Publications Centre

The IEA estimated that in 2009 global consumer subsidies for fossil fuels totalled US$312 billion. These estimates do not include subsidies to fossil fuel producers, which may be another US$100 billion per year globally. This commentary argues that fossil fuel subsidies can hold back economic development, are not an effective way to help the poor and can have adverse environmental impacts. [Click on Pic to learn more]

Jul 19, 2011
03:35 PM

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