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“Success Stories from Hennepin Technical College” Elemental Motion Media Inc.

Elemental Motion Media Helps Introduce Hello-Wallet, One of America’s 5 Coolest Start-Ups, to the World

HelloWallet’s mission is simple: By using a new technology-based model, they offer high-quality financial advice at an affordable price, democratizing financial health. They even give away a free account to a needy family with every 5 subscriptions sold (Bill Clinton praised them for that on Larry King Live). We were asked to introduce this mission and the company’s innovative software through an animated video that will live on the HelloWallet website. (Includes behind the scenes video) [Click on Pic to learn more]

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MHPM Project Managers (MOM Article)

MHPM Project Managers provides strategic and project management services to the public and private sectors to ensure that this investment is well spent. Managing Risk. Maximizing Opportunity. [Click on Pic to learn more]

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