Submitting Resolutions

The following by-laws are the guiding rules and regulations for the Board and staff of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

A crucial component of our Annual General Meeting is the opportunity it gives local chambers to put forward Resolutions that identify the challenges facing Manitoba.

The MCC's By-laws require that any submitted Resolutions must be:

  • provincial or national in character,
  • timely in importance,
  • and general in application to both economic and public well-being.

The draft should also be in the format of:

  • a Preamble (background),
  • Resolution (what you want done) and
  • Argument (why what you want should be done)
Resolution Process

Resolutions are primarily submitted by local chambers, but may also be proposed by the Board or the Policy Committee. The submitted Resolutions are then discussed, possibly amended and then rejected or approved by local chambers during the Annual General Meeting.

Effective April 2014 each Resolution has an effective lifespan of three years.

Resolutions largely set the advocacy mandate for any given year. All Resolutions are brought to the attention of appropriate government officials and other bodies to which the various recommendations are directed.  The method of presentation may vary by Resolution due to a number of factors, including timing; subsequent events and legislation which may affect the subject matter; or additional information that may become available.

Throughout the year, members are kept informed of the action taken on each of these positions by way of summaries and reports in the Chambers’ publications.

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