2018 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey

survey - full reportThe Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC), in partnership with Manitoba Building Trades and CPHR Manitoba, is pleased to present the results of the 2018 Manitoba Business Outlook Survey.

The survey, completed by 498 MCC members, reflects overall positive feelings about the state of affairs in Manitoba. More than 70% of respondents agree that the province is headed in the right direction, and almost 60% say that their business is likely to experience, at a minimum, slow, but steady growth in 2018. About one-quarter of members say they are likely to hire additional staff in the year ahead, and only a fraction (<10%) say they are likely to downsize.

The positive outlook does not mean there are not challenges ahead. Members see staffing — either retaining good staff or hiring qualified, skilled staff — as a major challenge in the coming year. Other obstacles to business growth noted by members include the rising costs of doing business (i.e., business inputs and wages); government red tape, and taxation levels.

Although members have a positive outlook about Manitoba, there is a sense among the MCC membership that more can be done at the provincial government level to improve the economic climate in the province. Slightly more than half of responding members (54%) agree that Manitoba’s business climate is competitive with other provinces, and members frequently recommend three important actions to improve the business climate. They are:

  • Reduce government regulation and red tape;
  • Reduce or eliminate business taxes and payroll tax; and,
  • Lower taxes for consumers.

To read the full survey results, click here.

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