There are thousands of stories we could tell…because every chamber member has an unique story. An origin, a pathway, a perspective on what’s next. A history shaped by drive and ambition, and dotted with challenges. A vision for a hopeful and successful future. We are sharing some of your inspiring stories here, and we encourage you to connect with us if you’re interested in telling yours.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is the Voice of Business in Manitoba, and we are honoured to celebrate our province’s entrepreneurial past and invest in our future by serving our members.

Sachit Mehra is one of those people everyone seems to know. A true connector, gracious host, and ambassador, Sachit is co-owner and GM of East India Company Ltd, an iconic downtown-Winnipeg restaurant and a symbol of his family’s heritage.

The Mehra’s multigenerational hospitality industry involvement is the quintessential story of hard-working immigrant roots. Sachit’s parents and grandmother were excited to journey to Canada, and dedicated themselves to sharing their love of Indian traditions, culture, and food with others. As a member of 11 community boards, including the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce board, Sachit is a smart and savvy business leader who is committed to giving back and enhancing his local community.

“SciMar’s scientific team is moving the research forward every day, further validating the science of hepatalin. The path is clear. SciMar is on the brink of changing global health and delivering extraordinary returns for our investors. Our family has dedicated our lives to getting this to the end of line, where we can actually get it out there and change the world.”

These are the words of Mick Lautt, co-founder and CEO of SciMar Ltd, a Manitoba-based, globally-oriented company founded in 2009 to accelerate the pioneering medical research of Mick’s father, professor of pharmacology and physiology, Dr. W. Wayne Lautt. From its lab, research clinic, and offices right here in Manitoba, SciMar is advancing ground-breaking liver and type 2 diabetes research, running clinical trials, and engaging investors and community partners in this transformational, mission-driven enterprise.