Asked & Answered: Q&A with the Experts

Our Asked & Answered webinar series dares to suggest that there are some things that you just can’t Google! Focused on responding to emerging issues and challenges, this informal presentation and discussion series has featured guests representing the commercial insurance markets, experts in diverse hiring practices, clinicians dedicated to stress management for employees, public health leaders, and more.

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#MBLeader Power Hour

We all love to hear from our business and community leaders with stories of their strategic successes, as well as the daunting challenges they’ve overcome. This new webinar series will feature high-profile Manitoba CEOs, entrepreneurs and Executive Directors, shining a light on some of the great organizations and employers in our midst.

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#MBPoli Power Hour

Ministers, both provincial and federal, have appeared as guests of our Power Hour series. Our aim is to lead a discussion with our government representatives on topics such as economic recovery and development; infrastructure, healthcare and education investment; government spending and budget priorities, and more.

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